In this October Full Moon Energy Update we discuss the energy of the second full moon of October which will be occurring on October 31st. This will be the most important full moon of the year and is strongly linked to change and disruption in our physical reality. The overall guidance is to let go of that which no longer serves you, and trust that a bounty of that which is preferred awaits you when you do.

On the collective level the United States Presidential Election is dominating the collective energy. I’m reluctant to project a specific outcome but will share my analysis of the overall energy.

The overall energy being ushered in by this full moon for the collective is justice. This can be challenging to interpret in the context of the U.S. Presidential Election because both sides are corrupt in their own way, though they are not equivalent and may be thought of in terms of normal and abnormal corruption. The last four years under President Trump have been quite chaotic, and there seems to be a growing desire in the collective for a bit more calm and security.

The energy of the full moon seems to favor a Biden victory for that reason. If that occurs we may see a temporary suspense in adversity and a return to more status quo establishment way of doing things. Some will rejoice and nourish the hope of things returning back to “normal.”

However, this is a false hope. No matter the outcome of the election will be illegitimate in the  eyes of many. The energy of suspense and suspicion surrounds the election results. So it may be a while before we know the results, and it is likely to be a close election.

The energy surrounding Trump is one of judgment and karmic reckoning. The energy around Biden is that of hidden enemies, deception and instability. Whoever wins, the return to any sort of stability is likely to be short lived.

The full moon energy for the awakening community is all about metamorphosis. We are like caterpillars in cocoons, and we are in the stage where the caterpillar is dissolving so that it may be reborn as a butterfly. A lot of the beautiful strong relationships that will be part of the foundation for the next stage of your journey are starting to come into our life.

Many are at the trailhead for the next stage of that journey, and the road that lays ahead is beautiful, prosperous, and full of bounty. It is the harvest of all the little seeds of light you have been planting up until now. However, you must travel light on this journey and cannot bring that which no longer serves your highest good with you.

The dissolution of the old self requires us to let go and surrender to what wants to leave our life. Similarly we must be surrendered enough to allow that which wants to enter our life to come through the wall of our resistance to change. Many of us are wrapped in cocoons of unhappiness and hopelessness.

We are wrapped in the story of our old life. However, if we just look up we will see that we are surrounded by light, beauty and prosperity. In order to be reborn as butterflies we must be strong enough to beat our way out of the cocoon of our old life. We have to be willing to look up and see the beauty all around us.

Many of us are addicted to drama and unhappiness or are surrounded by those who are. Pay attention to what makes you feel heavy and drained. Pay attention to the people, situations, and thoughts that lower your vibration. Similarly pay attention to the people, situations, and thoughts that make you feel light and alive. Choose the lighter vibration and detach from those people, situations, and thoughts that drag you into a state of being that is not preferred.

In order to know what is preferred you need clarity. Clarity cannot be achieved when you are existing in busy frantic energy. That state of awareness is reactive and habituated. Clarity is found within, which requires space and silence. It requires you to be in touch with your soul and what it is trying to tell you.

When you have clarity and are in touch with your soul, you will notice what lights you up and what feels heavy. Release what is heavy. Don’t cling to that which only ever made you unhappy. Release what has had its time. Stop trying to control and adapt that which you know does not belong to the next stage of your life.

Release can be a gentle passing away of that which no longer serves you, or it can be a violent storm that tears it away from you in an instant. Whether the release if violent or gentle trust that which is meant for you cannot be taken away, and that which isn’t cannot stay.