In this October Full Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the October 20th full moon in Aries. The theme of this October full moon is the initiation of the true self. Many of us have been in an initiatory period since the September Equinox that has been inviting us to realize who we are, what we are, and how we serve. This has meant being challenged to acknowledge and embody our soul desires and reclaim our personal power.

The seat of the “self” is the sacral chakra, where our soul first becomes individuated from source. The sacral chakra seated in the lower abdomen is where our “gut feelings” and soul desires live. The more we align with our gut feelings and desires the more we align with our soul, and the more vital energy we have to express our individuated soul essence.

Empaths in particular tend to abandon themselves at some point in their lives and lose touch with their gut feelings and soul desires. Putting their own desires last and deferring to the stronger emotions of others, they give away all their vital energy and personal power.

The energy of this full moon is helping empaths take back their power and reconnect with their soul desires. For many people this has meant healing lifetimes of karmic patterns of self-denial and abdication.

Many of these difficult initiations have called us to stand up for ourselves once and for all and assert our own needs and desires. This can be a difficult thing when people are use to us just going along with their agenda. Some relationships may not survive this awakening of your personal power.

The three-way split of the planetary ascension continues to accelerate, and the full moon is yet another inflection point. As we’ve said previously, 2022 is the ascension rocketship where many people are being given the opportunity to align their lives and state of consciousness with heaven on Earth. While others continue to cling to the status quo, and others still are descending into ever more hellish timelines.

The status quo timelines are continuing to deteriorate, as the universe says, “No more going back to sleep!” From here out we get to pick our teacher, and we can learn through pleasure or pain. As we align ourselves and lives with truth and love, we have the opportunity to learn the lessons of love through the pleasure of being alive. However, when we fail to embody truth and love the catalyst will continue to intensify and become ever more painful.

This isn’t punishment, it is simply cause and effect. As above so below. Like attracts like. The universe is mirroring us. The universe will continue to mirror our state of being for better or worse.

This is your chance to make your life heavenly from the inside out.