In this October energy update and energy forecast we discuss the energy for the month of October 2020. The collective is stepping into the wild unknown in the month of October. Like most of this year, October has strong duality energy. It is a month of uncertainty, contemplation, evaluation of the past, and action.

As the collective looks back at the past it may be difficult to judge our successes and failures. This can lead to a feeling of anxiety and self-doubt. The imagination which is a wonderful tool for creation can also be a trickster and tormentor. It can conjure up all sorts of scenarios full of fear and hopelessness.

When the imagination runs wild and things feel hopeless remember that divine balance always prevails. In the short term it may feel like darkness has been victorious. Those who scheme and abuse their power will rejoice. Their hard work has paid off. Their success is assured.

However, the law of karma is inescapable. Divine justice and balance always win out. Darkness’s victories are defeats in disguise. Those who serve the self at the expense of the all walk the path of pain. Their teacher is suffering.

The awakening community walks a somewhat sunnier path, though we continue to exist in the collective maelstrom. As you disconnect from the collective energy you will find that its trials and tribulations are less and less a part of your subjective experience. The trials and tribulations are witnessed, and perhaps even sympathized with, but your subjective reality can be a stark contrast.

The split between the collective consciousness and awakening community is ongoing. The collective consciousness continues its descent into the hell realms. It walks the path of suffering. But even suffering is grace, as it is often the instrument of our instruction and catalyst for our awakening. We suffer as much as we need to.

How much suffering do you need? As your vibration becomes more incompatible with that of the collective consciousness you will find your subjective experience of reality is more and more heavenly. That may mean you have to leave behind your third density identity. That you have to sever those relationships and connections to the past that were a part of that old life.

But when you let go of the old self and old life of third density consciousness, new relationships and friendships await you. For those who are awakening October is a month of out with the old and in with the new. The relationships and friendships you need for your fourth density experience are coming into your life.

October is the month of the wild unknown for the collective and awakening communities. But unlike the collective, those who are awakening will look upon the possibilities before them with delight and optimism. The future is a mystery, but we meet it with curiosity and faith in divine justice. It is all working out to serve our highest good.

For the awakening community October is a month of healing and releasing the past. It is an opportunity to heal the heart and fly free of old karma. Your past is a delusion. Remove yourself from its inertia. Step into the creative potential of the present moment, where anything is possible.

Your life is a hall of mirrors, reflecting back to you all the different aspects of yourself. Some of those reflections include your shadow. Others include your light.

Which is true? Which is the authentic reflection of who you are? Find the mirrors that reflect the better angels of your nature. Those that are peaceful, loving, fearless and sovereign. Turn your attention to those aspects of yourself you prefer as reflected in others. Surround yourself with the beautiful images of your highest nature. Recover, heal, and grow together.

Fly free of the past that no longer serves you. Cut the cords between yourself and old ways of being that reflect your darkness and not your light. Let go of those cords that tie you to the collective consciousness. Let go and walk through the dimensional gateway into the wild unknown of the more beautiful life your heart knows is possible.