In this October Ascension Energy Update 2021 we discuss the ascension energy for October. Since the September Equinox we have been in an intense period of initiation and uplevel. There is some INTENSE crystalline energy hitting the planet right now that is inviting us to ascend to the next level of consciousness.

Over the next three months you have the opportunity to receive the initiations and upgrades you need to board the 2022 Ascension Rocketship!

Going into 2022 it is no longer just about personal ascension and upleveling. For those on the positive path of evolution 2022 and beyond are all about finding your soul tribe, embodying New Earth in your everyday lives, and ascending together.

Together we RISE!

New vistas of consciousness are available to those willing to align with it. Over the weekend during medicine ceremony I received Darshan with Divine Mother. I had been feeling stuck, and sensed a heaviness in my energy field that was preventing me from fully aligning with the incoming crystalline energy. Fortunately months earlier spirit had arranged for me to sit with Mother the last weekend of September.

During that ceremony I was invited to surrender completely to my Divine Mother, and to release my residual pride and the story of “I can do it all alone.” When I fully surrendered I was greeted with the overwhelming opulence of God. I was shown so much infinite beauty that I begged for mercy, and prayed to be a little body again so that I might appreciate the beauty in a more manageable dose.

It was at that time my body was filled with the opulence of God. Every cell of my body became permeated with conscious light, and I realized completion.

If the first ceremony was about self and god realization, the next was about being a humble servant to the healing and evolution of this planet.

Words are inadequate to express all that I experienced. But I am feeling called to continue sitting with Divine Mother over the next few months. I will share those experiences as they arise.

What does your uplevel look like? How are you embodying your highest state of awakened consciousness? Have you found your soul tribe? Are you consenting to the next level of initiation?

Let me know.

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