In this October ascension energy update we look at the ascension energies for October 2020.  The ascension energies for October are all about the root chakra and throat chakra clearing. Distortions and blockages in the root chakra are being activated and manifested into physical reality at an accelerated rate in the form of crisis.

Your root chakra is your beingness and sense of physical security. The throat chakra relates to your ability to understand, accept and embody truth. Together these energies are working together to cause physical reality to bring the truth of your beingness into physical reality through the catalyst of crisis.

Mars is in Aries and on October 6, 2020 will be closer to Earth than it has been in fifteen years. Therefore the Mars in Aries energy is dialed up to maximum volume. Mars in Aries is about confrontation and action. In its negativity aspect this can manifest as anger, bellicosity and impatience. In its more positive manifestation this can look like taking action and initiative and setting firm healthy boundaries when needed.

In the collective this energy is playing out in some negative inharmonious ways. The collective energy is feeling quite warlike. Truth feels very illusive. Jealousy, opposition and deceit are very active.

A harmonious use of this energy would be to meet crisis and root chakra challenges as they arise in your reality with enough witnessing awareness to keep the heart open and inquire as to why these things are manifesting in your life. Using the perceptive power of the throat chakra one may pierce the exterior appearance of root chakra catalyst and learn what lessons it has to teach us.

A disharmonious unskillful use of this energy is for root chakra challenges to absorb the awareness into the root chakra and manifest as actions to survive at any cost. When the energy hits the throat chakra there is deflection or distortion of truth. The catalyst is not understood. When that occurs the energy boomerangs from the throat chakra back down into the root chakras, leading to more severe root chakra catalyst. So a small crisis may turn into a larger crisis when the lesson is not learned using the perceptive capacity of the throat chakra.

That means we are in a tower moment for those who are not making efficient use of root chakra catalyst using the perceptive ability of the throat chakra. The speed at which this boomeranging effect is occurring is unprecedented. Things always boomerang when a lesson is not learned in more explicit difficult to ignore ways. But throughout third density that has been a somewhat slow process. So slow that it often is not realized that there has been a boomerang effect.

As we continue our progression deeper into fourth density thoughts are manifesting at an accelerated rate. If you are able to align with truth and learning your lessons your heavenly thoughts can manifest into a heavenly life experience quite rapidly. Conversely, if you aren’t learning your lessons and have a hellish, deceitful, and angry state of being those hellish thoughts will manifest into a hellish life experience quite rapidly as well.

In a sense fourth density is really just your state of awareness manifesting into physical reality at a more accelerated rate. As you become more of a conscious cocreator that means you have to be more skillful about how you think and what you think about. Otherwise you risk become a chaos magician, ever at the mercy of your unintended creations.

Be mindful of what is manifesting in your life. When things that challenge your state of being manifest into your life in the form of crisis try to maintain enough witnessing awareness not go completely into a state of reactivity. This will help you learn what the catalyst has to teach you.

To handle crisis skillfully…

First, keep your heart open. When we are met with root chakra crisis the survival instinct often pulls us down into our lower chakras. Keeping your heart open during a time of crisis is key to not losing your soul to keep your or another’s body alive.

Second, inquire into the catalyst to see what it has to teach you. With the power of truth and reason, while maintaining an open heart, learn what is to be learned from the crisis. Why did it manifest in your life? What is the deeper energy at play? How can the crisis be skillfully managed from a place of integrity and love?