In this November New Moon Energy Update 2020 we discuss the new moon energy coming in on November 15, 2020. This energetic corridor will be influential for the next few weeks and will characterize the energy for the rest of the month. The headlines for the November New Moon are (i) a return to lockdown for many, (ii) the beginning of ends, (iii) the need for retreat and silence, (iv) the return to purity and innocence, and (v) the beginning of beginnings.

A Return to Lockdown for Many

You don’t have to be intuitive to know that many countries and states are returning to lockdown. Predictably colder weather has led to a rise in cases in many places leading to overwhelm of medical systems. In order to flatten the curve many jurisdictions will be returning to more stringent restrictions on gatherings and movement. This trend will likely continue throughout the winter months in the Northern hemisphere.

The Beginning of Ends

It is the middle of November and the beginning of the end of the year. As we begin the holiday season we are beginning the transition from one year to the next and from fall to winter. There is also transition on the collective level in the United States as we begin the end of the Trump administration and the transition to a new administration that will take office in early 2021.

The Need for Retreat and Silence

The coming weeks will be a good time to retreat and cultivate inner and outer silence. Sometimes the loudest place in our life is inside of our own head. Turn down the volume on your repetitive thoughts and cultivate inner stillness. To a break from social media and cultivate spaciousness. If possible spend more time alone.

The Return to Purity and Innocence

Retreat and silence will enable you to reconnect with your inner purity and innocence. Life often gets messy. We often find ourselves in situations that are not ideal and patterns that do not serve our highest good. That can leave us feeling dirty and in an energetic funk. However, no matter what you have done or where you are at right now, you can reconnect with the qualities of purity and innocence.

That which is pure an innocent need not be naïve. The essence of your being is pure crystalline light. It is beyond corruption or reproach. No matter who you are or what you have done that purity is available to you right here and now. All you have to do is get silent and retreat for a time from those things that obscure its white dazzling light.

The Beginning of Beginnings

When you retreat, get silent, and tune into your inner purity and innocence you will naturally align with your life purpose and mission. Your creative genius is your innocence not your trauma. When you remember that innocence and purity you will reconnect with the gifts you brought with you into this world to serve others. It if from the place of silence and purity that the seeds for the next chapter of your life and the new year will sprout.