In this November New Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the November New Moon in Scorpio. The overarching themes for this November New Moon are polarization, internal earthquakes, and kickoff for 2022 energies.

There are two very distinct timelines playing out on the planet right now. On one hand there is escalating chaos and despair, while on the other the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible is being born.

While these different timelines represent two different paths, we can rest assured that the darkness is serving the light and that for many the chaos and weirdness of this Scorpio New Moon is breaking us down to break is open.

During Scorpio season it is useful to expect the weird and unexpected. Many of us are going through a very intense corridor of catalyst, that may be bringing about clarity by triggering our unhealed trauma.

A major issue many may be noticing in themselves and others is the energy of projection and being triggered. During Scorpio season our subconscious patterns and triggers are on full display. Many may be feeling very emotional and raw. Things that ordinarily wouldn’t bother us may feel intolerable.

If you find yourself being triggered take a deep breath and try to notice what the underlying issue is that is making you feel the way you are feeling. Is it really the person triggering you, or some unhealed aspect of yourself?

Moreover, if you find yourself unexpectedly attacked by someone who is acting from their injury and not seeing you, take a step back. Is this about you or some unhealed story that is being activated within them? Does this person have enough consciousness to try an illuminate and heal the pattern that is being activated, or do you need to just keep your distance until they have calmed down and are seeing you more clearly?

It is important to exercise discernment at this time. Is the person attacking you asking for your assistance in some way to gain healing and insight, or are they just acting unconsciously, and you are stuck in the crosshairs?

As we transit this corridor of energy as awakened beings, we must have enough discernment not to call ourselves to service where it is not wanted. If someone is deep in their injury and lashing out, it may be that the best thing we can do is simply remove ourselves from the situation.

However, if someone is drowsing and is aware they are triggered and interested in healing, then there may be an opening for breakthrough. For those who are drowsing the best thing we can do is bring our awakened presence to the situation,

During this time when many are being pulled into their subconscious patterns and injury, offering the comforts of sleep to the sleeping and presence to the drowsing is how the light serves the dark.

As things continue to intensify on this planet this guidance will be essential for navigating the ongoing polarization of consciousness. It is getting harder and harder for those who are awake to be with those who are sleeping or drowsing. You may find the sleeping don’t want to see you and the drowsing are triggered by your presence. Which can be lonely and uncomfortable.

However, this loneliness and discomfort are drawing us into community with other awakened beings of a similar vibration, even as it is pushing us out of relationship with those that are no longer in vibrational accord.

The awakened are not immune to the escalating planetary chaos resulting from collective decisions made in fear and separation. But despite outward appearances, we are able to see whatever comes our way as a blessing. When things in our life get shaky and fall apart, we have faith that we are falling upward towards greater alignment, abundance, and joy.

The energy of this New Moon is strongly linked to the energy of 2022. The things set in motion around this New Moon will define the energy of 2022 and beyond.

Many are using the intensity of this period for spiritual evolution and growth, and to empower their decision to bring life circumstances into greater alignment with their core vibration. Others are fighting change tooth and nail and clinging to a past that no longer wants to be. We get to choose which path we are going to walk, and there will be opportunities to change course along the way. But the further we walk down one path or another, the harder that will become.