In this November Full Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the November full moon in Taurus. This full moon and the November 19th lunar eclipse marks the end of one life phase and the beginning of another, as many of us are exiting the life room we have been in and entering a new life room full of new possibilities. 

Throughout 2021 we’ve been asked to choose what the next highest version of ourselves and lives will look like. You may have noticed that you have been confronted with two or more possible paths for your future throughout 2021, and in recent weeks the pressure to choose one of them has intensified.

As we enter this fifteen day eclipse corridor from the November 19th lunar eclipse to the December 4th solar eclipse, choices are being locked in for 2022, and not making a choice is still choosing. There is no opting out. 

The time for choosing what your next life room will be is now. 

For many this means new jobs, new partners, and new cities. Everything is on the table for update and expansion as we align with our 2022 ascension timelines. 

The gift of the 11/11 portal has been clarity. In recent weeks we have been given a clear picture of the choices before us – the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

When the opportunity to realize our dreams shows up in our lives it rarely comes fully formed. Instead it comes with both the potential of our most beautiful dreams, along with the lessons we need to learn in order to realize them. 

It is tempting to live in anticipation of the time when all our problems will be resolved and life will just be one unending paradise. However, as we often say, heaven is not somewhere you go but is something you realize. Even “heaven” is a work in progress, and is not without its lessons and challenges. The lessons of heaven are just of a higher octave of vibration than the ones that came before. 

Each of us is on an infinite evolutionary path, and while our problems may get more elevated, refined and fewer, they continue to exist right up until we dissolve back into the creator. As long as we are separate beings with a finite perspective we are on an evolutionary journey that will include discomfort and lessons. 

The invitation for us is to learn the lessons before us in an efficient manner, and greet each new challenge as an opportunity to expand our consciousness and become more peaceful, loving, and fearless. 

In recent weeks you may have become more aware of both the challenges and opportunities of the new life room you are entering. Maybe it won’t be all sunshine and rainbows like you may have hoped. But if everything was already perfect there would be no lessons to learn, and no opportunities to grow or be of service to others. 

The opportunity before us is to enter into a new life room with more light, more elevated lessons, and more opportunities to embody and express our soul awareness. It won’t be “perfect,” and you wouldn’t want it to be. We enter the new life room not only to savor the view, but also to be of service to those who are in there with us in a new and expanded way.

As we enter this new life room it is tempting to adapt the self to the new life circumstances rather than showing up as our most authentic selves. Resist the inner politician’s urge to replace the old mask with a new one. In order for the new room not to become a new prison, remain nakedly authentic as you greet new people and new life circumstances. 

It is also important to travel lightly as we enter the new life room. Leave the baggage from the past behind. If you bring it with you the new life room will soon look like the old. Because your stories and patterns simply recreate the past with only cosmetic changes. 

Greet the new life room free from expectations and stories, and appreciate it with  eyes full of childlike wonder. 

If you are able to show up to the new life room nakedly authentic and free from your past stories, you will see that infinite possibilities await you. Life can be truly beautiful and full of miracles. Your life can reflect your highest values and most evolved state of consciousness. It won’t be perfect, and you wouldn’t want it to be. The lessons that await us will only make our lives more beautiful and rich.