In this November Ascension Energy and Ascension Symptoms Update we discuss the ascension energies for November 2020. A geomagnetic storm is coming in tomorrow and will last for the next five days. Expect an uptick in ascension symptoms if you are sensitive to electromagnetic activity. The ascension energy at the moment is impacting the throat chakra, and solidifying people’s reality bubbles.

It is more difficult to understand others and be understood. It is more difficult to have empathy for perspectives that are different from your own. The distortions underlying differing opinions is more apparent. The confusion on this planet at this time has led to a proliferation of different reality bubbles and it is increasingly difficult for people to communicate through them.

Third density is very sticky and dense at the moment. The light of consciousness is moving towards its lowest ebb, which it will reach on the Winter Solstice on December 21st. I usually increase my spiritual disciplines around this time of year so that I can be more aware of the waning light.

The Jupiter Saturn conjunction will also be occurring on December 21st and will mark the beginning of a new 20 year cycle. This will contribute to the further solidification of the different reality bubbles and make cross over more difficult. Seeing the self and others more clearly is a natural part of fourth density evolution, as is the splitting into reality bubbles with other people with a similar state of consciousness.

At a certain point we give up trying to change people’s minds, and respect their free will to have different opinions, beliefs and values. The attraction to people who are on a similar frequency will continue to grow as will the repulsion from those who in alternate reality bubbles. This is the sorting of frequencies that is part of the Harvest.

Ultimately there will be a three-way split of positive, indifferent, and negative polarities. However, at the moment the reality bubbles are almost infinite but may still fall in one of those three categories. Eventually there will be a merger of the reality bubbles into the three camps, but at the moment there is not sufficient coherence to do so.

If you are struggling to communicate across reality bubbles don’t feel bad. Focus on building coherence with those you resonate with. As you build coherence among one another you will attract similarly polarizing beings and merge reality bubbles. Honor people’s decision to have a different opinion and choose a different evolutionary path.