In this November Ascension Energy 2021 video we discuss “The Crucible” many of us are passing through in November. The entire year of 2021 has been a year of choice. Many of us are being asked to choose once and for all what the next highest version of ourselves looks like.

Many choices have already been made, but many of the biggest are yet to come. The decisions we’ve made so far this year have led us to a moment of truth in November. Are you ready to fully commit to the path ahead? Are you ready to make the sacrifices that will be asked?

Whenever we have an opportunity for major transformation or service to others we are often greeted with interference energy. This is the universe testing us to see whether we are ready to serve the light in a bigger way. The purpose of this interference energy is to root out any doubt or self-sabotaging tendencies we me have and to galvanize our will. Once we are clear that what we are doing is serving the highest good and commit to a course of action, the sabotage energy falls away and we become divinely supported by the universe.

November is “the crucible” we must pass through to board the ascension rocket ship in 2022.