In this November Ascension Energy 2021 video we discuss the 11/11 portal and synchronicity. The ascension energies for November entail a lot of movement and flow. Many of the themes and projects we’ve been working on since the March Equinox 2021 are coming to completion and beginning a new phase of expansion that is asking us to make a new level of commitment. The month of November is a month of choice, manifestation, and experience. The choices we’ve made so far have brought us to the precipice of major change in service to the light. In November we’re being asked to commit to the course ahead going into 2022 or to turn away.

The major theme for the November ascension energies is manifestation and synchronicity. For many November will be a month of dreams coming true, as energetic potentialities solidify into physical reality. For others the entropy inherent in decisions made outside of integrity will teach many some hard lessons.

The 11/11 portal is inherently one of duality and synchronicity. For those who have been following spirit’s lead and acting from impeccable integrity, faith, and a selfless desire to be of service the currents of destiny are strong and flowing in your favor. All you have to do is continue to align with these qualities of being and flow towards the highest outcome for your life. You will be supported and guided every step of the way. Everything you need during this period of manifestation will be there in perfect divine timing, with far more ease than you may have expected. This is the positive expression of the 11/11 portal energies. 

The opposite of synchronicity is entropy. Those who have been acting outside of integrity or from selfishness may find that all their best laid plans are going wrong. When we act contrary to truth we step outside the divine flow of the infinite intelligence of the universe. Instead of everything working out better than expected with far more ease, it may feel like the universe is out to get you. This is the negative synchronicity many may find themselves experiencing around this time.

The 11/11 portal energies are also being supercharged by the two last eclipses of the year. On November 19th there will be a lunar eclipse followed by a solar eclipse on December 4th. This portal is continuing to nurture those things created in our lives from a higher state of consciousness, while dissolving that which is no longer in vibrational accord. With the lunar eclipse being in Taurus, expect home and family to be strongly impacted by these energies.

Many of us have been carrying heavy burdens for a long time. For some of us it is the story of “should” that prescribes how life should be and tells us what isn’t possible. For others it may be a karmic relationship that has had many lessons and gifts but has run its course. November is an opportunity to lay down burdens of every kind.

Often our story of “should” and karmic relationships are interlinked. The story of “should” keeps us in the relationships. We’ve told ourselves they need us. We’ve told ourselves they can’t make it without us. We’ve told ourselves our happiness should be subordinate to their need.

When the truth is we don’t know who we would be without them. We don’t know who we would be if we were free, and we are afraid of the freedom letting go of “should” would bring.

When we let go of the story of should and instead abide in what is true and real, our karmic relationships will transform or fall away. When we let go of our stories of “should” this month, all of our burdens will fall away and/or be transformed by the light of truth.

This is the final drop off before boarding the rocket ship of ascension taking off in 2022!