In this November Full Moon Energy Update we discuss the headlines for the November 30, 2020 full moon in Gemini. The is the last full moon prior to the Winter Solstice and is traditionally known as the Mourning Moon in the Celtic tradition. This name is apt, because this full moon has an especially strong purging energy.

The headlines for this November Full Moon are (i) noticing the cracks in the foundation of your life, (ii) root chakra clearing, (iii) clarity on where there is lack, (iv) feeling out of place, and (v) dealing with feelings of hopelessness and depression.

Cracks in the Foundation

This full moon is bringing a lot of clarity into our awareness. Part of that clarity is noticing where there are cracks in the foundation of our life. As we connect with ever higher states of consciousness any weaknesses in our foundation are revealed. In this metaphor the foundation is your lower three charkas, the root, sacral and solar plexus.

As the branches of our awareness grow upward into the blissful expansive realms of the upper chakras our roots must likewise sink deeper into the Earth. Otherwise we risk becoming unbalanced. Seeking balance is an unending process. With each expansion of consciousness upward, we must revisit our roots/foundation and deal with any cracks that may have been revealed by the increased pressure.

Root Chakra Clearing

The root chakra is a foundational and visceral as it gets. It is your body and family. It is your sense of security and safety. Many people may be experiencing healing crisis at this time, where physical and/or mental illness long dormant is expressing itself in a more severe fashion. This may also be expressing itself as unresolved issues in your foundational relationships coming up for healing.

Whether the healing crisis is physical, mental, or in a relationship pay attention to the lesson being presented to you. What is your body trying to tell you? What is your mental state trying to tell you about what is out of alignment in your life and inner monologue? What needs to be healed in the relationship?

Clarity on Lack

The clarity of the Mourning Moon is revealing where there is lack in our life. Where there is lack of connection. Lack of love. Lack of romance. Lack of passion.

Many of us have learned to keep our circle small and close over the years and have let go of many relationships and connections that were toxic or no longer in alignment. However, sometimes those circles can become too small, and there is resistance to letting new people into our life. Notice where there is lack and learn to make new connections with the clarity and discernment you have gained through difficult trial and error.

Feeling Out of Place

The holidays make many people feel alone and out of place. Even when we are surrounded by family and friends we sometimes feel disconnected, and are acutely aware that we don’t quite fit in. This is part of the burden of spiritual awakening. It is part of the burden of being a wanderer.

Family is not just those you are biologically related to. It is also the people you choose. Make time to connect with your tribe in whatever way you can. Connect with soul family and know that you are never alone.

Feelings of Hopelessness and Depression

This must be where the Mourning Moon gets its name. Many people may be experiencing feelings of hopelessness and depression at this time. When you look into the future there isn’t much to be hopeful about. When you look at your life you may find it difficult to find the excitement and energy to do the things you usually do.

Hopelessness and depression can be a byproduct of increased clarity. With increased clarity comes the realization of what in our life is preferred and what is not. As we evolve spiritually it becomes harder and harder to do things that aren’t in alignment. As you become more aware of your soul it is harder to do things that the soul finds objectionable.

If you are feeling hopeless and depressed this holiday season find one things that brings you joy and excitement and do it. Schedule things to be excited about. You should always have at least one thing in your weekly calendar that you are looking forward to that brings you joy.