In this video we will be doing our November Energy Forecast 2020. Major themes for November include civil unrest and division in the collective, the need to find inner strength and stillness amidst chaos, overcoming addiction to negativity, transformation of darkness into light, and love free from fear.

Civil Unrest and Division in the Collective

As we said in our October full moon energy update, the collective energy is going to be dominated by the U.S. presidential election for the first two weeks in November. I don’t have anything to add to what was said in that video about the presidential election. However, no matter the outcome you can expect civil unrest and division, particularly in the United States, to be at an all-time high.

An air of doubt and clandestine activity continues to surround the U.S. election. No matter the outcome the results will be seen as illegitimate in the eyes of many. This is part of the larger crisis in legitimacy that third density governments are facing as people become conscious of the inequities of the systems and the subtle forms of economic and political enslavement they represent. This will continue until third density forms of government collapse under their inability to adapt or transform to embody more fourth density values.

The Need to Find Inner Strength and Stillness Amidst Chaos

It is very important in the month of November to cultivate inner strength and stillness amidst the collective chaos. Strength and stamina are needed on this journey back to the self. We are at the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new. Many of us are exhausted from what we have been through so far. It may feel like you can’t possibly go any further.

But you can and will. You have no other choice. Moreover, the next chapter of your life has more light in it than the last. Many of us have been on a path that has been lonely and finding out who we aren’t by experiencing what we don’t prefer. But most of us know who we are and what we prefer at this point, and it is just a matter of aligning with it.

The next chapter is about aligning with what you prefer, and it starts by finding your inner strength and centering yourself in your inner calmness. Center yourself in the inner flame of your awareness. That still great “I AM” presence. Do not allow yourself to be tossed around and pulled in every direction by the energy and expectations of others. Identify what you prefer and what you don’t, and align with what you prefer.

Overcoming Addiction to Negativity

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for many of us is our addiction to negativity. Our addictive patterns keep us in a lower vibration. They distract our mind and cloud our soul. Addiction comes in any different forms. It can be addiction to thought patterns, substances, or body pleasure. Many of us are addicted to social media and pornography.

As long as you are addicted you vibrate at the level of that addiction. You vibrate at the level of the thing you are addicted to. Addiction limits us and qualifies our energy. Spirit is limitless. To be identified with the limitless potential of your spirit, you must overcome the limitations of addiction and addictive behavior.

Overcome addiction in November by fasting from one or more of your addictions. Fasting from the things you are addicted to even for a few days gives you the gift of contrast that enables you to choose what you truly prefer. Do not look at overcoming addiction as self-denial, look at it in terms of self-liberation.

Transformation of our Darkness into Light

The duality of our nature will be very present in November. We will be aware of our shadow and light. We are all have both. In fact, the more light you hold the longer our shadow grows. Which do you prefer? Which will you choose to embody?

Do you choose trauma, addiction, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs or your healed, free, confident, unlimited divinity? You are what you pay attention to. You can choose to remain wrapped in the cocoon of the small-self and your unhappy life, or you can look up and look within and let go of that which no longer serves you and the highest good. If you do that you can find joy and happiness, even amidst chaos.

Love Free from Fear

Love and relationships will be at the forefront for a lot of people. Relationships are like a rose, when they are nourished with time, attention, and mutual respect. When they are neglected do to disinterest or abandonment they wilt.

If you are in a relationship love must be demonstrated and felt. Many of us settle for less than we want and need in a relationship because we don’t feel like we deserve more. When you don’t love yourself you attract relationships of neglect, abuse, and disinterest. Love yourself and be honest about the ways love needs to be demonstrated and felt for you to flourish. If the rose is dead put it out of its misery.

Finally, even good relationships have their challenges. Sometimes we are together so long that we become like two old trees that have been growing together so long that roots and limbs are entangled and strangling one another. Those types of relationships can lead to co-dependency and fear of growing apart. So both choose to stand still in order to preserve the comfort and safety of the relationship.

Love free from fear means trusting that you can both grow in the direction your soul is calling you toward without fear of growing apart. It is trust that your mutual growth serves the highest good, and that all point lead to the same place. That which is loved can never be lost, it only changes forms. To be healthy both trees need to be free to grow and stand in their own power.