August Ascension Energy 2021: The Great Sorting

In this August Ascension Energy 2021 video we discuss “The Great Sorting,” COVID, and Vaccination. As we discussed in our previous Lion’s Gate videos we are experiencing “The Great Sorting” by vibration of people to places and communities that are in alignment with their state of consciousness, and the two great sorters are COVID and vaccination.

I haven’t said much about COVID and vaccination because it is such a highly polarized issue. However, this month it is impossible to talk about ascension without discussing the role COVID and the vaccine are playing.

An important thing to remember about COVID and the vaccine is that there is no one right answer that is applicable to everyone. Each person encounters catalyst and makes decisions from whatever state of consciousness they have attained and life circumstances.

As we discussed previously the collective consciousness on the planet currently has three distinct subcategories. There is the old third dimensional collective where consciousness is based in the solar plexus, then there is the fourth dimension where consciousness is based at the diaphragm between the heart and solar plexus, and lastly there is the fifth dimension where consciousness is based in the heart chakra or higher.

At the third dimensional level of consciousness the catalyst of COVID and vaccination are viewed from the level of social agreement around sense making and decision making that defers to conventional allopathic medicine and third density social institutions. From this level of consciousness the “right thing to do” is what those in power tell us to do. Positively polarizing behavior from this seat of consciousness means obeying the old sources of third dimensional mainstream authority.

Those at the fourth dimensional level of consciousness are experiencing the discomfort of straddling the proverbial fence. Stuck between the heart and solar plexus, they are no longer in agreement with the third dimension sources of authority that are based on reductionist materialism and a lack of understanding of spirit and consciousness. Many perceive the failings of the third dimensional models and the negative agendas of 3D actors, and it puts them in a place of fear, judgment, and anger.

This often manifests as the “spiritual activists” who see how screwed up the world is and feel compelled to act. However, they are usually acting from their ego, and from the level of engagement of force and bellicosity. From this level of consciousness there is a lot of fear and anger, and things are often depicted in terms of the “good guys” versus the “bad guys.” This state of consciousness is inherently uncomfortable, and it is uncomfortable in order to force us to choose to retract to 3D or expand upward into the heart.

The fifth dimensional level of consciousness is firmly seated in the heart chakra, and tends to have a more integral perspective. This is the place of nuance that has compassion for all perspectives. From this level of consciousness the old sources of authority are typically seen as being deeply flawed and not automatically obeyed. However, the systems and people involved are viewed with compassion rather than anger and judgment.

I had the virus in March 2020 and was asymptomatic. As far as I’m concerned I have acquired immunity and it doesn’t make sense to risk the potential adverse effects of the vaccine. That is from the allopathic perspective. From the more holistic fourth and fifth dimensional perspective I don’t necessarily agree with the allopathic view of viruses and vaccines. I tend to view any disease in the body as an invitation to move towards greater balance and deeper healing, and view viruses as a necessary part of a healthy microbiome. This is a different level of sense making based on a different premise about reality.

A healthy body is the best protection against either COVID or the vaccine side-effects. If I were older or had comorbidities my decision making might look differently.

We should strive to have tolerance for other people’s perspectives and decisions, even though they don’t necessarily have tolerance for ours. From the 3D level of consciousness our decisions may seem irresponsible because social authorities have essentially said the vaccine is the only safe and responsible option. From the 4D level of consciousness we may seem overly sanguine, and not sufficiently outraged by 3D efforts to control and manipulate everyone to comply with the official narrative.

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