What do you do when you have spiritually awakened but your partner is asleep? A lot of us awaken when we are in a relationship with someone who has not yet awakened. This can be a difficult situation and a lot of you may be wondering what you should do.

First and foremost, be empathetic. Second, be true to yourself. You have awakened, and that is one of the most profound and amazing things that can happen to a person. But don’t let it become an ego trip, that is just another way to go back to sleep.

We all awaken in different circumstances created by our old state of consciousness. At the time it can feel like every decision we made up to that point was a mistake. But know the circumstances you wake up in are the circumstances you were meant to wakeup in. You are a seed of awakening that has been planted in the soil of your life and you are meant to bloom and pollinate those around you.

Your awakening impacts everyone connected to you. Simply by knowing you and being around your state of consciousness you are assisting the awakening of other people. This is especially true in romantic relationships.

It was your karma to wakeup first in the relationship. It was your partner’s karma to be in relationship with someone who has spiritually awakened, and to witness your transformation. It was destiny.

That being said, it will not be easy. Your awakened and awakening consciousness will cause you to want to make changes in your life. You may want to change your diet and becoming a vegetarian, take up yoga, give up alcohol, and make spiritual friends. These changes may be met with resistance by your partner. They may become afraid that you becoming someone different than the person they fell in love with. They may not understand your desire to change and may resent it.

This may become a source of tension. You may feel held back from being the person your spirit is calling you to be, and your partner may feel like they are losing you. But now what? First, as we said before, have empathy for your partner. Second, be honest. Be honest about who you are, who you are becoming, and what you prefer. Don’t lie to yourself or your partner.

By simply being in relationship at the time of your awakening the universe has sent your partner a VIP invitation to awaken. But ultimately it will be up to your partner to accept that invitation or decline it. You can’t do it for them. You shouldn’t pressure them. The best thing you can do is embody your truth to your highest capacity and lead by example.

Your partner will follow or fall away. Don’t get attached to your partner awakening, and don’t get attached to what your partner’s awakening should look like. We all have our own unique path and they all lead to god this life or the next. Pay attention to the ways in which your partner is spiritually awakening and remember it doesn’t have to look like yours.

The mated romantic relationship is most people’s primary spiritual practice. We are drawn into relationship by our desire for sexual union, love, and security. This helps balance the masculine and feminine poles within ourselves, open the heart, and awaken the kundalini energy. The act of sexual union is an energy exchange that facilitates the forming of subtle energetic connections that bring us into deeper union with one another.

The sacrament of marriage as a spiritual and religious institution has traditionally been a commitment between two people to grow into union with one another and god over the course of a lifetime. However, few modern relationships ever start with this shared commitment. Odds are if you entered into a relationship before your awakening you did not start it with a primarily spiritual mindset.

That being said, the polarities at play in the mated relationship call us toward union with one another whether we are consciously aware of it or not. This can become problematic when one partner awakens while the other sleeps. Frequently the spiritual awakening of one will trigger that of the other. But that isn’t always the case.

What happens when you awaken and are doing the work and your partner doesn’t want to follow? First, be compassionate to your partner. Second, be true to yourself. If you are committed to spiritual development, healing your wounds, and consciously evolving into a better version of yourself and your partner doesn’t have that same commitment you may grow apart.

There may come a time when you are so far removed from the person you were when you were initially attracted to one another that there is no attraction left. You were initially drawn to one another because you were vibrating at a similar frequency. Once the paired bond is formed it can withstand quite a bit of stretching. But there may come a time when it breaks.

At that point being true to yourself and to your partner may mean recognizing that you are no longer in romantic partnership. It may mean recognizing that you are growing apart rather than together, and that it is unlikely to change. If that happens the compassionate and truthful thing may be to end that romantic relationship. You aren’t doing anyone any favors by living a lie. Don’t get trapped in the story of who you use to be.