In my 2020 overview I discuss how this year has laid the foundation for the rest of my incarnation. December marks one year since I made my first youtube video. Over the course of 2020 I’ve experienced a series of shamanic initiations that have been calling me into deeper spiritual service. In January 2020 I flew down to Peru to the SpiritQuest Shamanic sanctuary where I partook in four Ayahuasca ceremonies and was reunited with Kali Maa. Throughout 2019 I had been discerning spiritual vocation. But during my ayahuasca ceremonies I discovered that the avenue for my spiritual service was to be kriya yoga and the science of consciousness as expressed therein. My ayahuasca ceremonies were a recommitment to spiritual service to humanity.

In the summer I would end up going to Arizona to the Peyote Way Church of God, where I received another initiatory experience with peyote. All shamanic initiations are an interaction between our own psyche and external forces. They are part self initiation and part mystical interaction with non-corporal beings. During my peyote ceremony I experienced myself being initiated into the great white brotherhood, and have since entered into deeper communion with my own inner master.

At every step along the path in 2020 god has shown me the next step of my journey. The friendships and partnerships I’ve needed to serve others have fallen into place exactly when they were needed. Truly when we aspire to do good the universe conspires in our favor. I’m looking forward to even greater service in 2021.

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