As we purify our consciousness the mindful use of social media, news, and technology becomes increasingly important. That is because in a sense you are what you watch. You are tuning into the frequency of consciousness of whatever media or social media you consume, which causes you to resonate at the frequency of whatever you consume most. So be discerning about what you consume. A good rule of thumb is to not watch that which you would not want to be.

Entertainment and joy are legitimate and valuable aims of life. Those on the spiritual path need not live lives of grim devotion and self-denial. However, as we have said before it is good to use discernment and always be striving to elevate your desires and state of consciousness.

As our state of consciousness increases we naturally start preferring what is good for us. However, to achieve that realization we must first experience contrast. That means we need a disruption in our old patterns of behavior and the opportunity to try ways of being that are of a higher vibration.

Most of us are inundated with highly addictive media of every kind. The technological ecosystem we find ourselves in is designed to create mindless addiction. Social media notifications give us a rush of dopamine that causes us to crave more, creating an endless cycle of checking for notifications on various social media platforms. The rush of dopamine and feeling of validation are an addictive combination that seeks to capture our time, energy, and attention.

If you find yourself spending too much time on social media consider deleting the apps from your phone for a week or two so that you have to be physically sitting in front of a computer to check them. This adds some guardrails to your social media consumption and makes it more difficult to habitually check them. Most of us exist in a state of perpetual partial inattention and aren’t fully present in the present moment because we are seeking some type of stimulation. Try deleting your apps to allow yourself to experience periods of spaciousness

Moreover, be mindful of the content of your various feeds. Does the content elevate your consciousness or pull it down? Try curating your feeds to contain more useful information, beauty, and joy and less of those things that pull you into a state of mindlessness, fear, and anger.

It is also important to be mindful when consuming television and movies. One of the greatest enforcers of third density consciousness is mass media. The stories, narratives, and archetypes fed to us have a big impact on our state of consciousness and create the lens through which we view the world. Be mindful of what you are watching. Is this a lens you want to view the world through?

News media is a culprit that seeks not only to capture your attention, but also to shape how you view the world. News media is where the third density propaganda wars are most fierce. Many spiritual people take pride in not consuming any news at all. I tend to take a more moderate approach. I consume reliable emotionally neutral news in small quantities. Avoid emotionally charged narratives that are trying to pull you into a reactive dualistic state of consciousness. I avoid television news entirely and get most of my news from reliable written sources and the radio.

I’ve found that limiting television consumption to a few hours a day is useful, and I avoid consuming media of any kind two hours before bed. I’ve found that I sleep better and have much sweeter dreams if I go to sleep in an elevated state of consciousness. So every night I take an hour long hot bath and do thirty minutes to an hour of meditation and prayer before bed. Therefore, when I lay down to sleep I am peaceful, happy, and filled with the divine presence and immediately fall asleep.