Overview of Collective Energies:

The collective energy is in a state of disquiet as a result of the pandemic. There is a feeling of fear and desperation with a veneer of false gaiety. The planetary thought body is being activated and triggered, creating ascension traps for the various types of souls.

How you react and the trap you will be susceptible to will depend on your seniority of vibration.

Young souls are trapped in a state of fear or denial, operating from tightly wound instinctual minds that tend toward bellicosity and rioting.

Adolescent souls tend to have more complex analytical faculties that are manifesting as self righteous reveling in being presented with a problem that can be dealt with using the instruments and technology of the intellect. Others are getting trapped in the vibration of conspiracy theories and are delighting in the endless maze of possible explanations, motives, and agendas relating to the pandemic.

Old souls will be taking a more nuanced and integral approach that utilizes the strengths of the other perspectives and balances them with a non-attached super-conscious mind bathed in the equanimity and peace of god consciousness. The old soul makes no judgments, acts prudently without fear or attachment, and learns what the catalyst has to teach without attachment or judgments about its conclusions.

I encourage you to examine your state of mind and strive for the integral approach of the old soul, which might be described as the middle way.

Guidance for April:

Mother has placed humanity in a mandatory timeout. Don’t get caught up in trying to figure out the exact methods of her instruction. Don’t be the adolescent soul that says all is one and god is love, but then spews vitriol against the Illuminati, cabal, and corporate fascists.

All is one, god is love, and they are just Mother in drag teaching us whatever lessons we have to learn. Mother has many faces. She is both the beautiful Parvati and fierce Kali. Both are expressions of her infinite love.

Encounter your present circumstances with an attitude of gratitude, whatever they may be. Suffering shows us where we are stuck. It teaches us where we have attachment. It shows us what is preventing us from experiencing heaven on Earth. Where are you suffering? What is the source of the suffering? Odds are it is some type of attachment.

What are you attached to? Are you attached to staying in your body? Are you attached to someone you love staying in their body? Are you attached to what you think your life should look like? Let it go.

Let Mother show you what is possible when you let go of your attachments. Let her show you what is possible when you submit to the destruction of your fear and delusions. Let Mother destroy all that does not serve you and the highest good. Be grateful when she unleashes destruction in your life. She is setting you free.

If we submit to our own transformation we can experience heaven on Earth right here and now. All we have to do is let go. All we have to do is fly free. All we have to do is step forward and create a new path that others will follow.

Answer the call to create heaven on Earth. Listen to your passion and desires. Desire is the universe telling you what you need to experience in order to take the next step and learn your next lesson. Do not be afraid of desire. Heaven will not be attained through your fear, boredom, and grim devotion. It will be attained through stoking the fires of your love for life. It will be attained through experiencing that which you desire until your desire becomes one. Which is union with God and all that is.

Self realization is the path of desire, because the ultimate pleasure is the ever new bliss of union with God. Once realized no earthly pleasure can compare. Your desire is god leading you home. Trust in that desire. Follow it to the lessons you have to learn. Perhaps you will suffer along the way. Do not fear suffering. Do not seek to avoid it. Suffering is grace. Words don’t teach. Only experience of the good, the bad, and the ugly will teach you the discernment needed to attain union with god and prefer it above all else.

Connect with those who are vibrationally a match to your in mind, body, and soul. We are replacing false intimacy and karmic relationships with real intimacy. Real connection and intimacy make us feel alive and in touch with our true selves. Heart to heart, soul to soul – the deep connection of souls is nothing to fear. Are you creating heaven on Earth?

Are you in divine partnership with someone who is a vibrational match or in a karmic relationship with your opposite? When you look into one another’s eyes do you become one? When you hold hands do you feel complete? When you make love is it a sacrament to god? Does your love set you free and fuel your self realization, or is it a trap that binds you to the 3D world of duty, delusion, fear, and drudgery?

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