Overall Energy:

The energy of the May new moon in Gemini is much like children fighting for advantage in an obsolete game. The young souls on this planet are eager to get back to normal. They are eager to resume the old game of money, power, and consumption. Some of them are winning at the game. They are self-satisfied in the opulence of their ability to win under the old paradigm.

The old game is one of zero sum win/lose contests. Winner take all. Me vs. you. The prize is money. Money buys power. Money buys material opulence. Money is an abstraction of value that represents the endless desires of the ego. A few have become billionaires playing the old game. Many more play the old game with the delusional aspiration that they too will one day be billionaires and enjoy money, power, and material opulence. 

However, many people are starting to see that the old game is a prison. They are starting to doubt the premise and values of the old game. They are rightly suspicious that the game is rigged against them.

Love of money is the warden of the prison of the old game. It is what keeps us playing, even when we know we cannot win. It keeps us playing even though the game has lost legitimacy. It keeps us playing even after we realize we are ruled by dishonest double dealing men of injustice.

This May new moon will start to reveal the weakness and fragility of the old game and its players. It will reveal the dishonesty and immorality of the old game’s winners. It will reveal that the key to freedom from the old game is to stop trying to win. It means releasing our attachment to love of money and the prizes of power, prestige and material opulence.


We are in a liminal space between stories. We are in the void between the ending of the old game and the beginning of a new one. What will the new game be? What will its rules be? What is the purpose of life? What is the purpose you? Is there more than love of money, power, prestige, and material abundance? Detach from the drama of the old game.

If some people wish to continue playing it let them play. You don’t have to take the game seriously anymore. You don’t have to believe in its legitimacy. Identify the meaning of existence and the meaning of you. That is what you should take seriously and prioritize.

The meaning of existence and the meaning of you are the things that bring you joy and happiness. Identify those things and align yourself with them. Go with the flow of life. Trust that you will have what you need when you need it. That is what abundance and mastery means in the new game.

Have faith that the waters of life will carry you to the destination of your highest good. Your compass is your happiness and joy. Allow them to guide you to your destination. Trust that where you are going is more beautiful and abundant than you can imagine.