In this May New Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the May New Moon. The May New Moon is ushering in a tsunami of love energy! For the first part of this month we have been experiencing the solar plexus ignition, which has been preparing us to receive a tsunami of love energy. This tsunami of love is shaking things up, resolving old karmic patterns, and initiating new ones. For the remainder of this month the two dominant energies are passion and love. Both are setting the table for our next karmic chapter.

Resolution of difficult issues that have restricted the flow of life force energy in our life is on the way. You are being given the gift of more life. More growth, expansion, and vital energy. Many of us have outgrown what has been. It cannot satisfy us any longer. We have outgrown the old fish tank of our lives and are ready to swim free in the ocean of love, passion, and limitless possibilities.

Stop whipping yourself for your perceived failures and short comings and start dancing. Passion is the bridge from the smaller truth that suffering is necessary in order to grow and heal, to the larger more luscious experience of life as divine embrace. Suspend your judgments of good and bad and recognize everything in your life has been leading to love. We are being seduced by life – sometimes with a slap, sometimes with a caress.

Give yourself permission to love what you love, live how you want to live, and stop holding yourself back. Allow yourself to truly love life. That is what this union of the heart and sacral chakra energies are all about. Loving life! Living with intensity and passion. Being open to life and listening to the truth of your heart.

Love and passion will set you free. You are the instrument through which love and passion play. Moved by cosmic forces outside of yourself. We are being moved by forces other than personal will this month. We are to become instruments of God’s love and creative passion. Allow the music of life to be played through you.

Surrender to the uprising wave of love. Surrender to what wants to leave your life and what wants to come in. Surrender to your own awakening soul. This is not the month to try and swim against the tide. The tidal wave is simply too strong! Change is happening, it is time to let go of control.

The cosmic heart within us is awakening and being filled with love. We are ready for a life that is bigger and fuller of passion and love than ever before. No more half living. The more we try to hold onto what has been, the more strongly the tsunami will tear it from our hands. Trust the tsunami of love. Trust the rising tide of your own passion. The destination is unknown, but they are delivering us to our destiny.

Untying the knot of karma is rarely easy. There may be drama, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. Passion comes in many forms. But trust your own passion as well. Don’t allow your soulful desires and heart felt longings to become subordinate to those of another. True love does not ask us to burn our own desires on a sacrificial pyre to those of another. True love is the ultimate freedom. True love is the great liberator. It is conditional loving that seeks to put us in chains. Be not a prisoner of conditional loving, instead be liberated by your own connection to the cosmic heart.