In this May Full Moon Energy Update 2022 we discuss the energy of the May 16th blood full moon and lunar eclipse. There is a lot going on with this full moon! It is the first full lunar eclipse of this year, the second of which will be November 8th. This six-month window represents a portal of powerful transformational potential. Some of the themes you may be noticing is that you’ve been in a “past life review,” are reclaiming suppressed aspects of yourself, and are finally starting to gain clarity about where you are and where you are going.

Many may find they have been in a “past life review” over the past few weeks. During these past life reviews we tend to look back at prior versions of ourselves and our lives through rose colored lenses. We focus on the good things and conveniently forget about the bad.

We remember the good times about our past relationship but forget about the fights. We remember the stability and good pay of an old job but forget about hating it. We remember what was good about the past, but neglect to remember the seeds of destruction that made the past unsustainable.

If you find yourself in a past life review remember the good times and the challenges. What was the seed of destruction that made the past unsustainable? If you do that you will learn from the past and call in a new creation that has a firmer foundation.

A lot of us may find we are also reclaiming suppressed aspects of ourselves, and this is showing up in the ways we self sooth during difficult times. Maybe you’ve been feeling called to self sooth with things you thought you had outgrown that you don’t think are “spiritual.” We all have a “go to” when things are tough. For many it is some combination of sex, booze/cannabis, and food.

Whatever your preferred mode of self-soothing be gentle with yourself. We don’t repeat lessons, we merely encounter them from a higher state of consciousness. Remember that every desire can be elevated to a sacred and even sacramental expression. Simply try to bring as much consciousness to the activity you are engaged in as possible and try to find the sacred expression of the unmet need being expressed through you. A beautiful example of this process is the practice of sacred sexuality, where the desire for sexual gratification is elevated to the sacramental.

Finally, many of us are starting to experience clarity about where we are and where we are going. For the last month many of us have been experiencing a lot of confusion, and that confusion has prevented us from acting. But with this full moon and lunar eclipse the scales will fall from our eyes, and the truth will be fully revealed in June.

The clarity of May and June will catalyze action in July and the remainder of the year! A major theme for this year is birthing. What new creations are you giving birth to?