In this May Full Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the May Full Moon. During this blood moon and full lunar eclipse we are moving from unknowing to knowing when it comes to the new vision for our lives. The physical foundation for the new vision for our lives is starting to come into existence. While we may not know exactly where we are going or how things will look – the people, resources and energy for the new vision are coming together.

As we build the new physical foundation for the new vision we will need to be mindful of our boundaries. What we give time, energy, and attention is what we choose to empower. The old is still competing with the new for our time, energy, and attention. Will you dwell in the dead forest or give life to the new?

A lot of people can’t wait to get back to “normal.” I encourage you to get excited about being extraordinary. When others try to draw you back into normal remember your goal isn’t normal, it is extraordinary. When it comes to your time, energy, and attention it needs to be a hell yes or it should be a hell no.

Since the May New Moon we’ve been experiencing a lot of inner intensity from solar flares and geomagnetic storms. Around this May Full Moon we are shifting from inner intensity to outer intensity, as eclipse season starts shaking up our physical reality to bring it into greater alignment with our inner realization.

As you move from unknowing to knowing you will be filled with intensity. Lack of energy comes from scattered will, thoughts, and a lack of priorities. As you prioritize the new vision and become one pointed in bringing it into reality, you will be filled with intensity. You will become unstoppable.

As you take a leap of faith off the cliff into the chasm between the unknown and known remember that god has you. You are supported by a benevolent universe conspiring in favor of your highest good. But you have to leap to know you can soar.