The May full moon is the last of three super full moons which makeup an ascension corridor. This full moon is a major opportunity for growth and will be accelerating the duality energy on the planet. For those who are asleep there will be an amplification of reflecting on past happiness, joy, and mourning what has been lost. There will also be an amplification in attachment and clinging to what remains, whether it be career, relationships, possessions, or money.

This mourning for the past and clinging to present attachments will be met with calamity, sickness, and conflict. This is the universe methodically stripping us of all of our attachments, until we stand in naked surrender to the void of the present moment. In that void new possibilities and a new dawn awaits.

Those who do not surrender to the void will find themselves confused and angry. Those who have awakened and been doing the work will be set apart from the chaotic energy of this full moon. They will instead experience its energy as purifying transformation that is bringing them back into divine union with their own soul.

This full moon is creating an opportunity for a mass kundalini awakening for those who have been doing the work, and for older Gen Z (17-25 years old). There is a lot of crown chakra activation going on. Many people will be feeling ungrounded, and experiencing ascension symptoms such as migraines, headaches, ringing in the ears, and moments of transcendent bliss.

Others may have ascension symptoms relating to anxiety and stomachaches. This full moon energy is clearing out distortions in your solar plexus so that the kundalini energy may rise up in to our hearts and ignite our spiritual journey and great awakening.

In order to process these energies and assist their integration we need to go within. Here are five tips for maximizing the full moon energy:

1. Fasting: Try fasting from food by limiting yourself to one meal a day in the evenings. Also try a technology fast, fast from toxic relationships and toxic thoughts. Technology has caused us to be addicted to constant stimulation. Remember how to sit quietly with yourself.

2. Meditation: Go into the void. If you aren’t meditating daily this is a good time to start. Attune to that still calm core at the center of your being. Allow yourself to enter the void of your inner being, retreat, rest, and pause.

3. Mindful Movement: Balance meditation with mindful movement. Get outside into nature without your cellphone and other technology. Return to the simplicity and perfection of the present moment. Move your body. Allow breath and awareness to flow to those places where you are holding tension and in resistance. Do yoga, Qigong, or Tai Chi.

4. Drink Water: Drink lots of clean pure water. Let is wash away those things within yourself that no longer serve you.

5. Declutter: Declutter your environment and create space for the new energy to come in so your environment is a reflection of your internal purification.

This is a time of great kundalini awakening. For those who have been on the path for a while and already have awakened their kundalini energy this is an opportunity for even greater awakening, purification and embodiment. Cooperate with your own purification and transformation, do not resist it.

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