In this May Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the month of May. The May energy came in with a roar. This will be a culminating month for the themes we have been in for most of the year, where we have been trying to find balance between the masculine and feminine as well as the human and divine.

On May 1st many celebrated Beltane, which is an ancient Celtic fertility festival celebrating the return of summer. When the Beltane fires were lit people came out of their winter hibernation to gather and socialize with people they may not have seen since the fall. Beltane is a time of community, courtship, and connecting with the regenerative quality of our own sensuality.

In the month of May we are being invited to birth the new vision of ourselves and lives. Use the creative fire of your sacral chakra to dream new dreams and revive old ones that may have lost steam in recent months. The strong creative energy of this month is adding a new dimension to our lives and consciousness. We are seeing new possibilities and expanding what we thought was possible.

The enemies of our creativity are comparison and the need for other people’s approval. Too many beautiful dreams have been throttled in the crib by the fear of what other people might think. In order to fulfill our destiny we must learn to be a light unto ourselves.

You know who you are and what excites you. You feel inspiration and hope. Don’t let fear of what others might think demoralize you. Don’t let comparing yourself to others make you feel like your efforts are futile.

There will always be someone more beautiful, talented, successful, spiritually evolved, or intelligent. Learn to celebrate them and admire them rather than feel the competitive itch that judges the self as being less than, and envies what they have and who they are. They are just another expression of you, let them serve as an inspiration on your path and not a hindrance.

Slow down this month and bask in the sun. Experience joy. Sink into that deep peace and receptivity of the yin energy. The energy of this month is about receptivity. It is about receiving abundance and flowering into our full potential.

The flower does not strive to be a flower. It simply is a flower. It receives nourishment from below and above, and blooms as a matter of due course. If you allow yourself to receive nourishment from below and above, you will flower and thrive.

Celebrate the dance of the divine masculine and feminine within you and in others this month. This powerful tension and dynamic is the generative creative force that drives all life in the universe. Let the energy flow and flower within you.

While May is overall a very positive month some people will find themselves at a decision point. Two very different paths lie before them. Decisions need to be made that will have huge impacts going forward.

In a sense it is like a decision between life and death. Will you open yourself to the divine support from below and above, and find integration of the dualities within you? Or will you shut yourself off and whither from malnutrition? Sadness and difficulty resides on that path.

May is a big month for ascension energies. It is the first harmonic wave that will continue to amplify for the rest of the year. Astrologically the new moon, full moon total lunar eclipse, and Mercury retrograde will define the energy. We will discuss the specifics in our May Ascension Energy and Ascension Symptoms Update 2021.