Collective Energy:

This May Energy Forecast indicates May will be a tower moment for immature and corrupt leaders, whereas more mature and righteous leaders will be vindicated for their stability, wisdom, and responsibility. Vigilance is is needed. This will be a purification of our monetary, business and economic systems and an opportunity for renewal, and planning for the future. Many of the positive innovations for improving society and our economic system that have been in the collective consciousness for some time will have an opportunity to start manifesting and coming to pass. Support for things like universal healthcare, higher minimum wage, hazard pay for essential workers, basic income will start gaining traction and widespread support.

This rebirth and purification in May will come at a price. That price will be counted in lives. Immature leaders are young souls and are eager to get back to normal and put COVID 19 in the past. However, they are trying to go back to “normal” too soon. They are placing economic growth over lives and ignoring the data are their peril. This will lead to a surge in deaths in those areas that try to rush back to normal too soon. However, these deaths will not be in vane. Rather it will be a necessary sacrifice to force these areas to prioritize their economies toward life and away from profit only.


The duality energy will be strong in May, and will provide a lot of contrast. Learn from this contrast and find balance. This is the completion of a karmic cycle. Things that have been in motion for a long time will reach conclusion. The duality and necessary suffering of May will be a wake up call that offers us an opportunity to create heaven on Earth in this present moment. The end of May will see us stepping forward into a new dawn, liberated from the karmic cycles that have been holding us in repetitive dysfunctional cycles.