In this May Ascension Energy and Ascension Symptoms Update 2021 we discuss the ascension energies for the month of May. During the May New Moon on May 11th we will experience the first of three harmonic waves that will be coming in over the next three months. We are in the storm of expansion!

A solar storm came in a few days ago and will be lighting up our planet’s geomagnetic field on May 11, coinciding with the May New Moon. The geomagnetic storm will last for ten days and peak around May 14th. These are the light codes/new energy for the new vision of your life entering your body.

The May ascension energy is hitting our solar plexus and igniting our ability to manifest. The energy is then flowing upward into the heart igniting our heart and divine purpose. Once settled into the heart it is then flowing back down into the sacral chakra, grounding the new vision birthed through our solar plexus and heart into our physical reality.

In the month of May we are learning what it means to be fully human and fully divine. We have been emptying ourselves out in previous months, preparing ourselves for this month. We are now an empty chalice ready to receive the new.

The divine feminine energy is very strong this month. Allow yourself to be receptive. Allow yourself to be filled with divine light, divine love, and divine purpose.