In this March New Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the March New Moon. As we said in the March Energy Update we have been in the space between words for most of the month, or perhaps more accurately we have been in the space between worlds. Many of us have been upleveling and expanding our consciousness dramatically over the last year. We aren’t the same person we were but a short time ago, and that can feel lonely and uncertain.

Our expanded awareness often shifts our sense of self in ways that make us a stranger to our past self. Rapid spiritual growth can estrange us from friends, family, and loved ones, and leave us feeling quite lonely. Often those closest to us see us least clearly. Because they see the projection of their story of who they think we are more strongly than a stranger, who is more able to see who we are in the present moment.

Jesus told his disciples to abandon everything and follow him. He told them to forsake home, family, and worldly possessions. This primordial call of renunciation exists in every religion. Monks of every religion forsake their family name, home, and social position as a symbolic act of renouncing the old self in pursuit of spiritual attainment.

However, for most the new name and identity quickly takes the place of the old identity. Instead of renunciation they have adopted a new social identity. They have traded one form of safety for another. True renunciation is to be in a state of non-attachment and renouncing of safety and comfort at all times, no matter your physical or social circumstances. It is a state of letting go and allowing and saying always “Take this too if it serves the highest good.”

We are not monks, but we are engaged in a process of radical transformation and growth. We do not have the comfort and safety of the monastery but must be in a constant state of renunciation, saying always “Take this too if it serves the highest good.”

Many retard their spiritual growth to remain safe and comfortable. They stay who they were even though it no longer feels right, because they are afraid of leaving behind friends, family, and loved ones. They fear the loss of their old self and the loss of familiar connections.

On my spiritual path I have mostly chosen growth over comfort. I have usually chosen to grow even when it has meant growing apart from those I love. I have drifted apart from lifelong friendships. I have outgrown romantic relationships. I have said, “Take this too if it serves the highest good” more often than not.

That has meant losing the comfort and familiarity of those intimate connections. I still love them. They are still my friends and family. But I can no longer stand where they stand. I can no longer do as they do. I no longer wish to engage in those old diversions we once shared. I no longer wish to have those conversations we once had with preassigned roles.

In a sense I am alone but I know I need not be lonely. Loneliness is a negative state. It is a state of lack. We are wanting something we do not have. A friend, a lover, a feeling. Aloneness on the other hand is a positive state. It is a state of abundance. It is a state of fullness. It is a state of lacking nothing. 

I am alone but not lonely. I am alone even though I am surrounded by old familiar faces that stopped seeing me years ago. Who see only their projections. I love them but am not attached to them. My aloneness is so complete that they too are me and we can never be apart, even though space and time may create distance between us.

I know these old familiar faces that no longer see me are of the old world and my prior creations and cannot follow me into the new. I allow sadness when it comes. I allow mourning when it arises. I allow myself to weep when tears want to flow. But I do not hold on, I will not turn back. I must walk on. They must follow or fall away.

We cannot be honest if we are attached to our comfort or that of others. Truth and attachment are incompatible. Truth is the great liberator. It is only falsehood and unsaid words that keep our prior creations alive. It is truth that will birth the new.

We are at the end of one story and the beginning of another. To continue on we must leave behind the dead forest of our prior creations born of our prior state of consciousness. We must walk onward toward the light, steadfastly committed to our growth and evolution, trusting that everything is coming together.

Our exterior reality is merely a reflection of our state of consciousness. Yes there is always a lag and physical reality is always playing catchup, because physical reality changes more slowly than our thoughts. But inevitably it too must change, and it will happen quicker than you think.