In this March Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the month of March. For most of March we will be in the breath in-between words. A liminal space where one thing ends and another is about to begin. My guidance is to get centered and grounded in the body, let go of the prior creations of your old self, and greet the new with trust, openness and acceptance.

Throughout January and February we have been riding the serpent of time as discussed in my February Ascension Energy Update. This refers to a rare astrological configuration in Vedic astrology where all the planets are on one side of the zodiac between Ketu and Rahu. This astrological configuration has had a disorienting effect on time, creating a sense of subjective dilation and objective contraction in our sense of linear time. This time compression has enabled us to grow at an accelerated rate, accomplishing in weeks and months what would have taken years to accomplish in ordinary linear time.

We will be exiting the serpent of time corridor on March 26th when Mars crosses over Rahu in Taurus, which will mark the fiery end of a period of accelerated internal growth and the beginning of a major cycle of exterior creation. The end of the serpent of time corridor coincides with the March 20th Equinox, which in the northern hemisphere will mark the beginning of Spring. This confluence of creative fiery energies will be carrying us to new peaks of embodied spiritual experience.

Right now we are existing in the state of pure potential before creation. Many of us have been upleveling our consciousness at an accelerated rate over the last year which has meant outgrowing the creations of our old self. A lot of those old creations have already exited our life, those that remain no longer hold any energetic attraction. They have energetically exited, the physical just hasn’t caught up yet.

The Equinox contains the energy of new cycles of creation and growth. We are stepping into the unknown. There are no maps for where we are going together. We are walking from the dead forest of our old creations into the rainbow light of pure creative potential. Nothing is guaranteed but our growth. It will be uncomfortable and challenging, but our discomfort and insecurity is the only way we grow.

We must push past our discomfort. The dead forest of our old creation is comfortable and known to us. We know every dead tree by name. But there is no life remaining in it. It no longer is in resonance with our state of consciousness. We must walk toward the light of new creation with trust and the innocence of a child, open and vulnerable to the possibility of new creation.

We know we have to leave the dead forest. We know there is nothing left here for us. We know we have to let go of the old creations of our prior state of consciousness. We know what has exited and is exiting. But we don’t quite know what comes next. The future is a mystery that will be manifest from our new state of consciousness, and from our desire for a more beautiful world.

We are at the point of no return. The old is exiting and the new is coming in. In order to usher in the new with grace we have to stop hiding from ourselves. The new will be created by our desires. What are you desiring? Be honest. Remember that your desire is god’s desire. Your desire is god desiring through you. Your desire is the god within you expressing what wants to be manifested and experienced.

Be open and accepting towards your desires. Let go of the shame and your thoughts about who you should be and what you should be desiring. Honestly look at and acknowledge what is alive within you. Move to the root of your being, get back into the body. The mind is a trickster. It is full of stories that qualify and limit reality. Return to the body, return to the sacral chakra. What is god desiring through your body?

Sacral chakra healing and upleveling is a major theme for March. That means getting real and present with the body. It means getting real and present with your desires. It means clarifying your desires. Why is god desiring what you seem to be desiring through your body? Seek the deeper understanding. Seek the deeper truth. God always seeks reunion with itself. What within your desires serves this seeking?

As we said previously, when the personality is disciplined and will and desire are unified we become an unstoppable force. Our body is a microcosm for the macrocosm. Our body is the universe.

Our solar plexus is the sun of our body manifesting and ordering our reality. But the source of its power is the sacral and root chakras. The root chakra is our groundedness in the body. Our presence in the body. Our sense of peace and harmony within the body. The sacral chakra is the source of vitality and creativity. It is the seat of our personal power. All creation into physical reality begins at the sacral chakra as desire, and desire flows upward to the solar plexus to be actualized and manifest with our will.

In the month of March lets practice getting grounded and centered in the body and abide at the source of creation. Tap into your limitless creative potential. Get clear on what god is desiring through your body. Accept it and acknowledge it. We are preparing to manifest it. The future is more beautiful than we can possibly imagine. But first we must push through the discomfort of leaving behind our prior creations that no longer serve us in order to create the new.