In this March Ascension Energy 2021 video we discuss “playing with the fire of desire” which is a metaphor for navigating the ascended sacral chakra and discovering the fountain of eternal youth. The energy of this month is all about expanding and healing the sacral chakra, which is one of the most misunderstood and distorted energies in our bodies.

The sacral chakra is the seat of consciousness responsible for creativity, sexuality, and personal power. Advertisers and entertainers manipulate it to sell us stuff and capture our attention, while religious leaders tell us our sexual desires are shameful and dangerous. This has caused the collective to have a very schizophrenic relationship with the sacral charka and its sexual desires.

On one hand the collective is obsessed with sex. On the other it is ashamed of its desires and doesn’t want to acknowledge them or talk about it. Our archetypes contain the virgin and the whore, but very little in-between. Most people’s deepest and darkest secrets have something to do with sex, and in that darkness those secrets fester and rot and morph into unhealthy obsessions.

Light dissolves all darkness. Transparency with self and others cures all unhealthy sexual obsessions. If you live in a healthy human body you have sexual desires. Your sacral chakra will be stimulated wherever polarity exists. The dance of masculine and feminine polarities transcends gendered bodies. The gendered body is but one component of an overall energetic bias. Who we are attracted to will depend on the overall polarity of our energetic field and that of the other person.

Attraction exists wherever polarity exists, we are attracted to that which we have in deficit. Your desire is god desiring through your body, and god always desires reunion with itself. Not every desire and attraction need be acted upon, but what the desire is trying to teach us about ourselves should be observed and accepted. We are attracted to that which we are seeking to balance within ourselves. That is because the natural progression on the spiritual path is for the masculine and feminine energies within us to achieve ever greater balance and harmony.

The sacral chakra is at its strongest for most people in their teenage years at the onset of puberty. It is this quickening of vital and creative energy that manifests our adult bodies. As we reach our 20s those bodies reach adult maturity, then begin their slow decline in vitality sometime in our 30s. This has been the collective story of the human body for a long time but is not necessarily our future.

You may have noticed that gender and sexual fluidity among younger generations seems to be growing at an almost exponential rate. That is partly due to greater social acceptance of fluidity in these areas, but it also has something to do with them having older souls with greater balance of masculine and feminine energies. From that state of consciousness the old rigid and dogmatic gender and social norms simply don’t make sense.

That will continue to be an area of growth and evolution as old fear-based paradigms of love and sex give way to acceptance, honesty, trust and love free from fear. Moreover, many of us may be finding our physical bodies are no longer abiding by the collective story of old age and decay. Many of the people I do healing work with have been reporting the experience of reverse aging. Because as we clear the energy field and open and balance the chakras more energy starts to flow up from the root and sacral chakras, which enlivens and rejuvenates the body.

Our current life spans are very short compared to what human beings are capable of. My own lineage of Kriya Yogis has at its head the deathless eternally youthful Mahavatar Babaji. Babaji is said to be hundreds if not thousands of years old, having achieved immortality through the purification and mastery of his gross and subtle bodies. When you master the flows of energy within the body aging and physical death need not be certainties.

In my own Kriya practice I have become aware of the flows of energy that sustain the body, and am working with my own expanded sacral chakra. A key part of that practice is harnessing the energy of the sacral chakra to do spiritual work and sustain and perfect the physical body and not dissipate it. I am becoming increasingly aware of all the subtle thoughts and beliefs that restrict and qualify that flow of energy and seeking to release them and requalify that energy.

A few of the affirmations I have been working with include:

“I AM the flame of Eternal youth, and

I AM the flame of the Resurrection and Life.”

The first part of the affirmation has the effect of activating and bridging the energy from the root chakra to the sacral increasing the flow of vital energy in the body. The second part of the affirmation pulls that energy up from the sacral chakra to the solar plexus then the heart. The overall effect in more vital energy running throughout the body constantly renewing and enlivening the body.