In this Lion’s Gate ascension energy update and ascension symptoms update we discuss “The Great Purge.” Many of us have been purging heavy energy during the past week. It has left me feeling fried or microwaved. I’ve done a lot of fasting to help the process along and am drinking lots of water.

The day after the full moon was particularly powerful. My energy body often felt like it was vibrating and buzzing with energy. Several times throughout the day I had to lay down and allow myself to go catatonic and just surrender to the intense blissful energy popping and cracking throughout my system.

Reality has also had a fluid surreal quality, with time almost standing still. I have come to associate this with shifting timelines. As we discussed earlier this week many of us have been integrating lower timelines. I’ve been aware of aspects of myself that are less aware and healed and have been transmuting a lot of that energy from those timelines.

Some people will be experiencing this energy more powerfully than others. Generally speaking the Lion’s Gate portal is a period of intensified ascension energy and purging. Trust you are getting as much or as little as you need for your highest good.

Some of you may have barely noticed the Lion’s Gate energy, others may be in fetal position crying for no reason you can discern. Trust that wherever you are at is where you need to be.

The purging aspect of the Lion’s Gate will hit its zenith tomorrow on August 8th. The sun exits Leo on August 23rd and Sirius will be aligned with the Earth until August 12th. So we are almost at the halfway point and the worst is almost over.

We are like snakes shedding old skins and old selves. As things come into your awareness that are not preferred witness them and let them go. Keep returning over and over to the true self, which is your witnessing awareness. Remember that the heaviness is a delusion of the false self. Aa misidentification with finite form and limiting ideas.

Resist getting too carried away by heavy energy when it wells up within you. Try to return over and over to the true self. Bring your awareness back to the heart, back to the breath, back to your witnessing awareness. That awareness that is free of judgments. That is without past or future – but is instead a create of the enteral now.

Let the heaviness burn away in the Lion’s Gate energy. Release your limiting beliefs and abide in your limitless witnessing awareness. On the other side of this Lion’s Gate you will be reborn as a truer lighter and more free version of yourself.