As the Lion’s Gate portal opened on August 8th many are dealing with spiritual fatigue. However, new earth energies and expanding consciousness are available with the opening of the Lion’s Gate portal.

Around noon Saturday I felt a shift and the presence of a light joyous energy I associate with New Earth. However, this light joyous energy is coexisting with the heavier purging energy many have been dealing with for the past few weeks. The new lighter energy must be noticed and consciously chosen to be experienced.

This has been a difficult Lion’s Gate for many of us, and the spiritual fatigue is palpable. Many have been on the ascension journey or spiritual path for years, others have only recently awakened. Many are tired of the emotional turmoil and upheaval in life circumstances. Many are simply physically and mentally exhausted from the purging energies of the past few weeks.

That exhaustion is real and understandable. Real spiritual growth is not easy or effortless. Evolution is often a difficult and messy process. But it is worth it. Remember that which is meant for you cannot be taken, and that which is not cannot be kept.

The universe never gives us more than we can handle, though it will frequently push us to our limits. If you have been pushed to your limits in recent weeks be thankful. The universe has faith that you can handle it, you should too.

Have faith in the process. Have faith in your own transformation. Remember what is true and release that which is relatively true or false.

I did a guided meditation yesterday to help us expand our consciousness beyond the small self that struggles and is tired. Only the small relative self is capable of suffering or being tired. These are qualities of a finite being, which is not the truth of who and what you are. You are infinite awareness and boundless energy. The truth of who you are is unlimited.

When we expand our consciousness to that place of witnessing awareness we experience a state of consciousness that is pure expansive and formless. That is the truth of who we are. The truth of who and what we are is peaceful and limitless.

In order to experience the New Earth energies that came in on August 8th with the opening of the Lion’s Gate portal you must expand your consciousness beyond the small self. When you expand your awareness you will experience the fresh and light New Earth energies that are there to nourish and renew your being.

A simple exercise for attuning to the true self or witnessing awareness is to stop, close your eyes, and wait and watch for a thought to arise. The aspect of your consciousness that witnesses thoughts is your true self. The aspect of you that thinks is the small self that is contained within the field of your larger awareness.

As your capacity to witness grows larger the trials and tribulations of the small self become easier to cope with. They are taken less seriously, because they are properly seen as relatively true or false. Your life becomes like a movie and you become the witness of that movie, watching it all unfold but not caught up in the play of forms.

When you are established in witnessing awareness you are constantly renewed and energized by the infinite source of all that is, because you are existing at the zero point from which all things arise. You are the source of all creation. You are limitless. You are the place where all things are possible.