In this Lion’s Gate Guided Meditation we travel to the lair of the dragon of transformation in the temple of the flame of transformation where we are reunited with our angelic self. As we enter the temple we see the dragon wrapped around the flame of transformation. The dragon invites us into the flame then asks if we would like to purify our solar plexus, sacral chakra and root chakra in its flames. We say “yes,” and allow its flames to consume us. In the dragon flames we feel our lower chakra distortions burning away and become cool white light.

We then exit the flame and are invited to look in a mirror by the dragon. The dragon asks us what we see. At first we see our own face, then he asks us to look more deeply. Now we see the hall of mirrors with all the faces of all our incarnations. Some are fair, some ugly, some male, others female. The dragon then asks us to look deeper. When we look deeper we see our true self, an image beyond gender and duality. The face of pure source. Our truest face. We then merge with your true self and return to our bodies as our soul essence.

This Lion’s Gate guided meditation purifies lower energy centers and reunites us with the pure essence of your being.

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