A theme of this Lion’s Gate portal is that we are integrating lower timelines, navigating parallel realities, and moving toward our optimal timeline. We live in a multiverse in which all experiences necessary to our evolution are had. That means each of us is experiencing multiple parallel incarnations that are all informed and a part of the same oversoul.

At any given time we exist in a sea of possibility/probability vortices. The ones we give the most energy/attention to become more likely and able to manifest. When action is taken many of these possibility/probability vortices collapse and new ones are formed. When two or more possibility/probability vortices are highly polarized a split may occur wherein two or more possibility/probability vortices are actualized and form their own new possibility/probability vortices going forward.

Those simultaneously occurring parallel timelines may diverge or collapse back into one another. The more polarized and balanced one becomes the fewer parallel timelines are needed to be experienced. As one becomes more balanced and polarized there is less indecision. Less second guessing. More focus on what is preferred.

As a result one can progressively move into more and more optimal timelines, generate fewer alternate realities, and collapse lower timelines into the present optimal moment. When we talk about “lower” or “higher” timelines we are simply referring to our level of consciousness. The higher our consciousness becomes the more it impacts our alternate parallel experiences. It can positively impact other versions of ourselves and assist those timelines in merging with more prana rich higher timelines.

I’m giving this background because the timelines around this Lion’s gate portal are in flux. You may feel like you are integrating lower timeline versions of yourself. You may find that you are having thoughts that feel like they belong to a different version of you. You may find it is increasingly difficult to remember the past. That is because there is more than one past to be remembered, and you are currently holding the energy and consciousness of multiple timelines.

This has been happening more and more over the last five years as we enter increasingly chaotic times on this planet. Many of the lower timelines have imploded. Life in those timelines is no longer viable, or the aspect of ourselves that was incarnate in those experiences disincarnated because the experience of that reality no longer served our soul’s evolution.

You know you are on an optimal timeline that serves your highest good because you are alive and experiencing it. There are many versions of the Earth where life is no longer viable due to war and environmental devastation. We exist in our present reality because of many “accidents of  history” where disaster was narrowly avoided. However, in many cases those disasters occurred.

This phenomena has become popularized as the Mandela effect, which describes the phenomena of people remembering key events in history differently. The name comes from many people having different memories of Nelson Mandela’s life. Some remember him dying in prison, others remember him living to old age and being a powerful force for peace and reconciliation in South Africa.

This was a big timeline split, where two different realities came into existence due two different possibility/probability vortices manifesting. Those two parallel realities have now collapsed back into one another, causing confusion about the past. We are once more in a moment where lower and higher timelines are collapsing into one another. So many of you may find yourself experiencing Mandela effect symptoms.

Many of us are integrating the energy/consciousness of lower timeline versions of ourselves right now. That may make it more difficult to engage your spiritual practices. You are integrating aspects of yourself that probably didn’t do those practices. Or at least wasn’t as dedicated to them.

However, by persisting in doing the practices you will bring the energy of the lower timeline consciousness up to snuff much more quickly. I also suggest fasting once a week throughout August. Starting today I’m fasting from Sunday night after dinner until breakfast Tuesday morning. I’ve found this 36 hour fast to be very effective in assisting the body to purge and transmute lower timeline energies.

Meditate, fast, and pray even though you might have resistance. Persisting will help you integrate the lower timeline energies more quickly and move more skillfully toward your optimal timeline and life.