A theme of this Lion’s gate portal is the healing of the toxic masculine energy on this planet and learning to use the divine masculine energy in service to life. Mythologically there are two types of father archetypes. The first is the Blessing Father who embodies positive masculine qualities of order, discipline, and will in service to life. The Blessing Father protects and preserves life. The second is the Poisoning Father who embodies the negative masculine qualities of chaos, control, and domination in service to self. The Poisoning Father is bellicose and destroys rather than preserves life.

The Blessing Father has awakened the divine feminine within himself and respects and serves it in others. The Poisoning Father has ruthlessly suppressed the divine feminine within himself and therefore is cut off from the source of life, causing him to become a servant of death. As a people we are ruled mostly by Poisoning Fathers. Men who know only war within themselves and others. Old men. Energetic dinosaurs, who have none of the wisdom or grace of the Blessing Father. 

We are a people with few elders worthy of that title. Instead we have young souls in old bodies playing children’s games. Poisoning Fathers who sow chaos and serve death.

Part of the solution is for each of us to identify the places within ourselves where we carry toxic masculine energy. You don’t have to be male bodied to carry that energy. Many women who have come up through the old patriarchal structures of political and economic power have ruthlessly suppressed their own feminine energy in order to win at playing the toxic masculine’s game.

Identifying our own out of balance masculine energy is the first step. The second is to awaken and revere the divine feminine within ourselves. It means honoring the feminine and revering the Mother in every form, including the human, Earthly, and celestial. The third step is the integration of the masculine and feminine energy by becoming the Blessing Father, a servant and protector of life.

There is an old Celtic saying that a man should not be given a sword until he learns how to dance. We have many men who never learned to dance or love, but who brandish swords. The drums of war can become drums of dance if only we are willing to learn the steps. We must become lovers before we become fighters. Because the fighter who has never loved fights only for himself.

As a planet we have become a hostage of the toxic masculine energy. The depth of that imprisonment springs from our own internal programming and moves outward.

The toxic masculine energy is making its last stand. Look at how many of our world leaders are old men. Many of them in their late 60s and 70s. They are energetic dinosaurs desperately trying to preserve the old third dimensional paradigm.

Spiritually speaking they are children compared to the older souls that have been incarnating in the younger generations. But they will not relinquish power quietly. They will not relinquish control without a fight. They will continue to play at war as long as we let them.

We are at a crossroads. The explosion in Beirut yesterday is a foreshadow of the energy of August and September. It is part of the story, but not all of it.

It looks like 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate was ignited by a fire in a nearby fireworks warehouse. The ammonium nitrate, which is a component in explosives, had been stored there for six years prior to the explosion. Reports are still coming in about the cause of the explosion. Early reports suggest it was simple negligence by the Lebanese government, an entrenched and corrupt cadre of old men.

The toxic masculine energy permeates nearly every aspect of our societies. Transformation is occurring rapidly in younger generations. But the old men are still clinging tightly to power and many countries remain their hostage. The Poisoning Fathers must be dethroned if we are to live in societies that serve and protect life rather than death. He must be dethroned within ourselves and in the collective.