In this Lion’s Gate Ascension Symptoms we discuss giving birth, shamanic ceremony, and our move into “The Great Integration” phase of the Lion’s Gate portal. The Lion’s Gate portal has felt like an Ayahuasca ceremony. We began with the physical purge, then there was the opening to receive high vibrational energy and expand our awareness, now we seem to be moving into the integration phase.

As with Ayahuasca ceremonies many have spent the entire Lion’s Gate purging the physical and subtle bodies. Those are difficult ceremonies, but they are also very healing. As I’ve discussed previously the Ayahuasca plant is an avatar for our divine mother Kali Maa. I have felt her presence very strongly the last few days, especially today.

I woke up with blurred vision and a migraine. The energy in my body felt stagnant, like there was energetic friction between my subtle and gross bodies. Instead of taking aspirin or taking other measures to suppress the symptoms I decided to listen to my body and trust its intelligence.

After drinking some lemon water I found myself laying on my yoga mat with feet flat on the floor and legs bouncing, a practice that is sometimes referred to as therapeutic tremoring. Suddenly I remembered that I did this exact thing during Ayahuasca ceremony toward the end of the purging cycle of the medicine.

During those ceremonies I saw Kali Maa flat on her back in birthing position eating our heavy dark energy and giving birth to more beautiful versions of us. During the ceremonies I often felt myself becoming one with Kali Maa and giving birth to a more beautiful world through the transmutation of darkness. As I’ve said before, when I became proud of that fact, as I inevitably did, I would become baby Ganesha in her arms. A helpless baby.

In those moments laying on my yoga mat I saw her once more and realized we have been in shamanic ceremony with her and new versions of us are about to be born. So I retrieved a necklace I have from Peru that has a piece of Ayahuasca vine on it and tuned into its energy while listening to the Icaros from the ceremony.

I was immediately transported to the Ayahuasca ceremony where mother was giving birth and found myself rocking, writhing and moving about as I had then, trusting my body and allowing the energy to move through me. As I moved and rocked as my body wished to the sound of the Icaros I felt the energy in my subtle body moving and integrating with my physical body. Sometimes I belched and yawned as I purged and released energy much like an Ayahuasca ceremony, but I could feel myself getting progressively lighter.

After a few hours I felt the tension release and my migraine went away. First we purged, then we upgraded and received high vibrational energy into the subtle body through the crown chakra, now we are integrating that energy from the subtle body into the physical body. That can be painful. How it goes will depend on how much physical dissonance there is between the gross and subtle bodies. But trust that your body knows what it is doing. Allow it to move and writhe. Trust the process, and as always drinks lots of water.