This Lion’s Gate energy update looks at the Lion’s Gate energy portal from July 26, 2020 through August 18, 2020 when the sun will be in the astrological sign of Leo. The Earth is also aligned with the star Sirius during this time, which is a powerful “spiritual sun.” This combination of astrological forces creates a time of accelerated growth and transformation through the power of soul fire.

Soul fire reveals what is true by destroying that which is false and illusory. Many of us have been on false paths. Seeming detours from the path of our soul’s highest evolution. We have been trying to win at a game we no longer want to play but feel trapped in the inertia of its rules. The soul fire of the Lion’s Gate disrupts the old game. It reveals the injustice of the old rules and our own misplaced ambition.

If you are not on your soul’s path the Lion’s Gate will reveal how far you have gone astray during this energetic portal. This is a course correction. Much has been hidden. We hide things from ourselves individually and as a collective. Look at your dreams and ambitions. Are they in alignment with your soul? Or do they serve the rules of an old game you already know no longer makes you happy? An old game you know that is not in alignment with your soul and what you truly value.

When we cooperate with the spiritual fire of the Lion’s Gate energy we consent to our own transformation. When we resist and seek refuge in delusions, distractions, and materialism we court disaster. That which is out of alignment with our soul cannot survive in the blinding light of the spiritual fire of the Lion’s Gate.

Mastery will be obtained through the awakening of the divine masculine and feminine within. One does not diminish the other. The awakened masculine and feminine does not reduce one to a bland androgynous version of oneself. The awakened masculine and feminine awakens ones own inner sovereignty.

The Lion’s Gate portal offers us an opportunity to get in touch with the masculine and feminine aspects of solar energy. The masculine aspect of solar energy is radiant, strong, ordering, and harnesses the heart in service to life. The feminine aspect of solar energy spiritualizes the suns creative power. It is sensual, gentle, compassionate, loving without binding, and life giving.

The divine masculine serves and protects the life the divine feminine creates. We may embody more of one than the other at any given time, and that may or may not match our biological bodies. During the Lion’s Gate we are called to tune into the spiritualized energy of the sun which embodies the balanced masculine and feminine energies.

As above so below. The soul fire of the Lion’s Gate is reordering the physical to bring it more into alignment with the spiritual. We honor the body as a manifestation of the soul. Not an obstacle to it, but an instrument of its expression. During this Lion’s Gate we honor the lower chakras and spiritualize the expression of their energies.

Sacred sexuality, beloved community, divine body. When the soul fire reminds you of where your life is out of alignment with your soul go with the flow. See what it is revealing about yourself. Awaken to the lesson to be learned. When the lesson is grasped take inspired action with strength and courage.

The divine feminine within us listens deeply and attunes to the deep intuitive mind of the universe. The divine feminine within us reorients us to our soul. Thus reoriented our divine masculine awakens to new purpose, a new fire in the belly that blazes in service to a new vision and purpose that serves life.

The feminine gives us orientation. The masculine manifesting action. Each polarity is incomplete by itself. They find wholeness in one another. The masculine without the feminine becomes disoriented and ceases to serve life. The feminine without the masculine becomes passive. In the soul fire of the Lion’s Gate portal they burn together brightly. The direction is known, and the will to act discovered.

Your divine masculine or feminine is not outside of you. Another may serve as a mirror to awaken within you that which is out of balance, but no more. Your true self is beyond the masculine and feminine polarity but contains both. You are eternal, light filled, masculine and feminine. Creator and preserver of life. Shiva and Shakti. Mother and Father. Let the masks that have diminished your soul fall away. Remember your purity, your wholeness. The zero point of creation from which all things spring.