In this Lion’s Gate ascension symptoms update we discuss advanced ascension symptoms and the crown chakra expansion/upgrading occurring as the high vibrational energy of the Lion’s Gate portal that opened on August 8th continues to unfold. The Lion’s Gate upgrade energy came roaring in on Saturday, August 8th and has continued to unfold throughout this week.

I have experienced this energy as an activation and expansion of the crown chakra, which puts this energy at a seventh density frequency. As many of you know the crown chakra is where we release our perception of being a separate being and tabernacle with the ever-new bliss of god. This is beyond the witnessing awareness of the third eye, making it the highest octave of energy that can be experienced in a human body.

People generally have three different types of reactions to seventh density energy: (1) they are not consciously aware of it, (2) they are vaguely aware of it but experience exhaustion and detoxing in its presence, or (3) they attune to it and experience blissful expanded awareness and god communion.

Last week was all about purging the body and solar plexus in preparation for receiving this energy. We called last week “The Great Purge” because of the way it was purging our subtle energy bodies. This week is more akin to “The Great Upgrade.”

In the weeks leading up to the Lion’s Gate portal I felt a compression of the crown chakra. When I meditate I experience the opening of the crown chakra which is much like a lotus or portal slightly above the crown, and progressively move my awareness upward to two additional loci of awareness beyond it.

The activation of the crown chakra itself is experienced subjectively as peace. This first point just beyond the opening of the crown chakra is experienced as ever new bliss, with lessened body awareness. The second point beyond the crown chakra is experienced as objectless ever new bliss, with a cessation of body awareness and breathing. These three levels of awareness are usually described as different levels of superconscious meditation or samadhi, with the final stage being complete absorption in god consciousness.

In the weeks leading up to the Lion’s Gate portal opening those two points beyond the crown chakra opening felt compressed. I was still able to reach the first heightening above the crown, but unable to tabernacle with god in the second heightening. That changed Saturday with the opening of the Lion’s Gate portal.

This week those points beyond the crown chakra have expanded out beyond where they were prior to the compression. Deep samadhi meditation has been easily obtained and profoundly felt. This week I have been blessed to feel the presence of god at all times, with my awareness established in the sixth and seventh chakras throughout my days.

This is how I have experienced the Lion’s Gate crown chakra activation and expansion. You will experience the energy according to where you are energetically. Maybe meditation has been easy and peaceful this week. Maybe you have experienced bliss for the first time and are just becoming aware of the points of awareness beyond the crown chakra opening.

Or it may be you have felt a mixture of exhaustion and inspiration. Headaches and fatigue are common during periods of crown chakra expansion. When high frequency energy is incompatible with the vibratory rate of the body and strength of the nervous system one will experience fatigue and purging of the sinuses.

As we have said before, drink lots of water, and nap when needed. Your body will continue to process the energy while you are asleep. If you are feeling tired and ungrounded consider eating root vegetables to help ground you.

If you are experiencing headaches, which is a common symptom of an opening crown chakra, try rubbing your hands together and placing them on top of the head. Open yourself up to divine healing and imagine golden light coming out of the palms and bathing the crown chakra.

If you would like to consciously work with the crown chakra and assist its expansion consider meditating on the mantra Om. Begin by internalizing your awareness by focusing on the rise and fall of the breath. Then breathing in through the nose feel yourself pulling energy up from the root chakra up to the third eye and crown. With awareness on the third eye and crown internally chant Om at the third eye and crown. This will assist you with harmonizing the mind, body, and soul and attuning to the frequency of the Godhead energy.

The Lion’s Gate is like the Super Bowl for those on the ascension journey and spiritual path. It is a high stakes period with opportunity for rapid growth and expansion. However, in order perform well you need to be doing your spiritual practices year round and living a lifestyle that is supportive of your self and god realization.