When it comes to the Lion’s Gate the only way out is through, it is a time of confrontation and shadow work. We can’t spiritually bypass that which it is catalyzing within us. The increased solar energy of the sun in Leo is activating our solar plexus seat of consciousness. This is causing anxiety and triggering unreleased traumas, particularly unresolved childhood traumas.

When the solar plexus is activated the mind can feel scattered. Dreams and goals feel more distant and the problems of the present moment loom bigger. The present moment can feel oppressive. Challenges can feel insurmountable. When that happens we just want to run away, retreat, and be at peace.

The activated solar plexus makes third density feel more real. Maybe you’ve mostly been able to keep your distance from third density over the last several months and rise above it all, witnessing the confusion and acrimony of third density from a place of relative peace and detachment. Or maybe you feel beat down by third density. Maybe you have been feeling the confusion and acrimony activated with yourself and now it feels more intense than ever.

Wherever you are on that spectrum this initial phase of the Lion’s Gate portal is turning up the volume of third density. As a result those things in the solar plexus pain body will be triggered. The more light we experience in any given seat of consciousness the more aware we become of the shadows, numb spots, and unreleased pain we have in those places.

That means things may be challenging right now. But it also means you have a tremendous opportunity to heal and release those blockages that remain in the solar plexus pain body.

I counsel confrontation during this time. Confront your fears. Confront your anxieties. Identify them. Name them. Look at them. Don’t turn away. Don’t succumb to escapism. Don’t self sooth yourself into numbness. The more you can hold yourself in the flames of the Lion’s Gate sun energy from a place of witnessing awareness the better.

As I’ve suggested before, if you find thoughts, worries, and regrets racing through your mind on repeat write them down on a piece of paper then burn the paper in a fire. Imagine the emotional charge of the thoughts moving down your arm, to your hand, through your pen, onto the paper. Write until you feel empty. Then burn the paper in a fire. Imagine the thoughts and emotional charge of your worries burning away in the flames.

This physical practice helps detox the conscious and unconscious mind and release the energy through the transformative power of fire. Bringing the troublesome thoughts into conscious awareness is the first step in releasing them and the attendant blockage. Thank the solar energy for bringing these things into your awareness and let the suffering go.

You may also want to practice a process of self-inquiry. Question the thoughts. Is the thought true? Or is the thought a fiction? What is true in this present moment? Our worries tend to be false stories created by our anxious and overstimulated minds – scenarios and projections about the future or narratives about the past. What is true is our witnessing awareness. Everything else is relative truth or falsehood.