In this Lion’s Gate 2021 video we discuss shifting timelines and the oneness, allness, and manyness strata of consciousness. As we’ve previously discussed the sun enters the sign of Leo on July 23rd where it is in its home sign. This results in a steady crescendo in solar energy, which lights up our solar plexus and soul awareness. This often manifests as purging of the solar plexus, and an increased awareness of the ways in which our life circumstances are out of alignment with our soul awareness.

Additionally, as we move toward the Lion’s gate portal on August 8th we will be experiencing the influence of Sirius, as it draws closer to the Earth. The star Sirius is a very spiritual celestial body that showers the Earth with high vibrational energy. This lights up our energy bodies and crown chakras creating a tremendous opportunity for upleveling of our consciousness and life circumstances.

During this period of intense upleveling we may experience ourselves shifting timelines. We live in a multiverse where everything that can happen does happen. We exist in an octave of experience/timeline that is a match for our level of consciousness. When we radically uplevel our consciousness, we similarly shift to octaves of experience that are more in alignment with our state of consciousness.

When we have an uplevel shift in consciousness and experience a “timeline shift” we often feel like a stranger in our own life. Though our physical environment and the people in our life may appear unchanged, reality may have a surreal quality to it. This strangeness wears off in time. But the shift represents new possibility/probabilities for your future that are more in alignment with your state of consciousness.

The “timeline shifts” around this Lion’s Gate portal will be particularly potent since we are beginning a new ten-year cycle. So your life circumstances may quickly and drastically shift in the upcoming months.

During these periods of significant uplevel we have two strong energy currents of contraction and expansion. There are those who embrace the opportunity to grow, and those who run from it. At the collective level the energy of contraction is strong. But for those on the awakening path people are overwhelmingly aligning with the energy of expansion.

Those aligning with contraction are rushing back to “normal” and trying to pretend the last two years didn’t happen. Those aligning with expansion may feel violently opposed to going back to the way things were and are embracing expansion and greater alignment.

The timelines before us can be broken into three strata of consciousness, that I’m calling the oneness, allness, and manyness.

The manyness is that strata of consciousness where the solar plexus predominates. The timelines aligned with this strata of consciousness have a strong current of contraction. The pathology of third density are playing out as the old trauma responses of bellicosity, control, fear, and hopelessness continue to dominate.

The allness is that strata of consciousness where the heart and low heart predominates. The timelines aligned with this strata of consciousness are a mixture of contraction, stagnation, and expansion.

An increasing number of people are operating from the state of consciousness between the solar plexus and heart at the diaphragm. This level of consciousness is often characterized by spiritual activism, where there is great awareness of the many problems of the world and empathy for the oppressed and wronged. However, there remains enough duality in the awareness to be righteously angry and even bellicose towards the oppressors. This is also a space of great confusion, where there is a greater awareness of the complex multidimensional nature of reality, but not yet much discernment. Those resonating at this level of consciousness will find themselves contracting into the manyness of the solar plexus or expanding into the allness of the heart chakra.

Those resonating at the frequency of allness in the heart chakra feel great compassion for all beings, recognizing the oppressor and oppressed are victims of separation consciousness. This strata of consciousness includes timelines of expansion and stagnation. Many will expand with the Lion’s Gate energy into the Oneness of God and Self Realization at the crown chakra. Others may find themselves stagnated in the relativistic morass of the allness, where their great compassion may become an obstacle to bettering their life circumstances.

The key to this impasse is the discernment to recognize it is possible to love all beings, while expressing preferences in how you spend your time, energy, and attention. Those who are able to exercise discernment during this Lion’s Gate portal will be aligning with timelines of expansion towards life circumstances that are in greater alignment with their state of consciousness.

The oneness is that strata of consciousness at the crown chakra which is being ignited by the proximity of Sirius. As the allness includes the manyness, the oneness includes both. Oneness consciousness is that nondual realization and experience of the self as being the only active presence in your life. This integral state of consciousness is radically sovereign and is able to act as a cocreator of its reality. When we exist at the level of oneness we are able to shift effortlessly towards life circumstances, places, and communities that represent our highest possible timeline.

Most of us will be navigating the energies of expansion and contraction and the different strata of consciousness throughout this Lion’s gate portal. Few will find themselves stabilized in expansion and oneness. Most of us tend to navigate and experience all of these things throughout our day.

Sometimes we are expanding, other times we are contracting. Sometimes we have to operate at the level of the solar plexus and interface with the collective consciousness. It is useful to notice what you are experiencing and deliberately choose to expand and uplevel, one moment at a time. If you are contracting, relax and expand. If you are in solar plexus, bring your awareness back to your heart. If you are in your heart chakra release your attachments to the crown chakra and experience ever new bliss.

Continue to choose and strive to maintain the highest quality of consciousness you are able to attain. Do this and you will find yourself on the highest timeline for your future.