The first of my Lion’s Gate 2021 ascension energy videos is here, and it is an interesting one! The Lion’s Gate portal opens July 23rd when the sun moves into Leo, reaches its zenith on August 8th, and closes August 23rd when the sun moves out of Leo. The ascension energy for this Lion’s gate portal marks the beginning of a new ten year cycle and the end of the one that began in 2011.

Many will be having their first awakening experience during this Lion’s Gate period, while others are completing a decade long cycle of growth and evolution. Think about where you were ten years ago. This Lion’s Gate season will have echoes of what was going on in 2011 in the form of major cycles coming to a close, and new ones beginning.

The sun is exalted in Leo, which means solar energy is at its strongest. The sun symbolizes consciousness, the true self, and the power of manifestation. This solar energy tends to light up our solar plexus, which on one hand activates and purges the ego and on the other magnifies our capacity for physical manifestation.

Since the ego and power of manifestation are at their strongest, we have to be careful about what we are manifesting. Are you manifesting from a place of trauma or soul awareness? Many will choose to double down on old dysfunctional patterns, while others will choose to create something new and more in alignment with their souls.

Know when to say no, and draw firm boundaries when others try to pull you into their trauma-based patterns. Leo season is the “busy season.” Many are busy creating new patterns of dysfunction and unhappiness from unhealed injury. Use your discernment and know when it’s time to opt out of other people’s drama.

If you are able to navigate the pitfalls, Leo’s season will be a time a great abundance. The key is to remain in touch with and manifest from the true self, which is always at peace, filled with love, and abiding in joy. The positive emotions of peace, love, and joy are our true nature. Other emotions, particularly negative emotions, arise when our projections and thoughts obscure our truth and create the perception of lack.

Notice where your peace, love, and joy are absent, and notice the stories that are creating the lack. When the opportunity arises to manifest and bring your physical reality into alignment with your soul awareness, act boldly and decisively by choosing expansion.

Silence helps us get in touch with our soul awareness and turns the volume down on our ego. When you have lost touch with your soul, reconnect through silence.

We know not where we go, only that we are moved to move. Those who risk nothing gain nothing. It is treading through the unknown and acting through will and faith that facilitates the greatest growth and expansion. Walk boldly, and know you are moving toward the lessons you need to learn for the next chapter of your life.

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