In this Lion’s Gate 2021 Ascension Energy video we discuss what it means to be an ascending master and our increasingly crystalline bodies. In recent days I have felt called to remember that we are ascending masters remembering our mastery. This is the journey each of us is on, and though we may be at different stages we share this  common destination. 

Ascension is an inside out process that begins with the internal purification and crystallization of our subtle bodies. From there the purification and transformation process radiates outward making our gross bodies ever more subtle and crystalline. 

Many may be experiencing significant purging of the subtle body of mental, emotional, and karmic impressions. This can be a difficult and painful process. But the discomfort serves a purpose and has an end. 

As we often discuss, at the core of every being is the perfection of God consciousness. Each of us is an aspect of God clothed in sheathes of gross and subtle bodies that limit our perspective. Sometimes those sheaths become so dense that we forget our divine nature and think we are only our limited perspective. 

The ascension journey is one of purifying the various sheaths that limit our perspective so that they become so transparent that our God nature shines forth in undistorted brilliance. This path of awakening is nothing less than a journey from being a finite limited self to being an infinite unlimited self. As prior limitations fall away, more and more of the infinite power of God may be exercised through us. 

The ascended masters are those perfected beings who have made the inner and outer ascension and have become transparent conduits for God’s power and grace. Bound neither by time, space, nor gross matter, these mighty beings manifest and command the elements by mere thought. 

When we reach a certain level of attainment the appropriate ascended master will come into our lives to assist us with learning the lessons of whatever stage we are at. The first master I worked with was Jesus Christ, who has assisted me with the lessons of unconditional love. The second was Mahavatar Babaji, founder of Kriya Yoga in the modern age, who initiated me into his lineage soon after I began my practice.

In recent years Babaji and the gurus of that lineage have been my principal guides. It has been through their grace and guidance that I have been able to achieve the internal ascension, which culminated in absorption in atman at the crown chakra in deep samadhi. 

While this is a notable development, I am reminded it is really just the beginning. At every stage of the ascension journey inner purification and disciplining of the outward activity of the small self remain key to progress. 

I achieved the inner ascension when the chakras became sufficiently clear and balanced to take on a crystalline quality. Since then I have been able to enter into deep samadhi at will. The outer ascension requires a similar process to occur in the physical body. In my own Lion’s Gate uplevel experience that is the journey I am being called to, and new masters are stepping forward to assist me on my path. 

Wherever you are on this wondrous journey, remember that you are an ascending master remembering your mastery and benevolent assistance abounds. This is truly a path back to the highest version of ourselves. Nothing will be lost save our limitations. Each of us is simply moving at our own pace towards being a fuller expression of the God consciousness within us.