In the Law of One they teach that third density is all about The Choice. Third density is the reality we are experiencing right now. It is the density/dimension of the lessons of the solar plexus moving toward the lessons of the heart. As third density beings in heavy/chemical third dimensional bodies our five senses tell us we are separate self-aware beings.

The two paths of evolution from third density to the higher levels of consciousness are Service to Self or Service to Others. One may choose to polarize their consciousness in either direction, to not polarize your consciousness is what Ra calls the sinkhole of indifference. In a very basic sense this is much like the Star Wars choice between the light side or dark side of the force.  

In the Law of One they talk about the transition from third density to fourth density as “The Harvest.” In order to make the Harvest to the fourth dimension you need to be able to hold enough light in your subtle energy body to withstand the fourth density intensity. If you cannot withstand the light you will repeat another 75,000-year cycle of third density incarnations to make The Choice and polarize your consciousness.

In order to make the Harvest on the negative service to self path one’s consciousness must be polarized toward ninety-five percent (95%) service to self in every thought, emotion, and deed. The service to self entity achieves minimum activation of the heart and blue ray/throat chakra in order to reach what Ra says is the gateway to intelligent infinity in the crown chakra. This gateway is the center of awareness just above the crown chakra that one may become absorbed in while in deep superconscious meditation where there is a cessation of body awareness and absorption in god consciousness.

The negative adept achieves access to the gateway to intelligent infinity by strength of will in the solar plexus, bypassing the heart and throat chakra. Activating those energy centers only minimally to express love of self and the ability to communicate with intelligent infinity in service to self.

The negative adept polarizes its consciousness by accentuating the differences between self and other self. This is the path of manipulation and violence towards others. Any action that aggrandizes the self, strengthens the will, and reinforces ones sense of being separate and discrete from other beings assists negative polarization. A few historical figures Ra said achieved negative service to self harvestability include Rasputin and Genghis Khan.

The positively polarized service to others entity achieves harvestability by polarizing their consciousness fifty-one percent (51%) or more in service to others in every thought, emotion and deed. The service to others entity moves from the solar plexus to the heart and realizes its oneness and interconnectedness with all beings and all things. The positive adept moves sequentially through the heart, blue ray/throat chakra to the third eye and crown to the gateway of intelligent infinity.

The positive adept recognizes that harm to others is harm to self, so it strives to alleviate that suffering and be of service to the healing and evolution of others. The negative adept seeks only to serve the self and uses others to enhance its own power. According to Ra it is equally difficult to achieve negative harvestability as it is to achieve positive harvestability.

The service to others versus service to self terminology is a metaphor for what is fundamentally an energetic process. We live in an electric universe consisting of intelligent energy/prana. The universe consists of densities/dimensions which are a spectrum of intensity of light/intelligent energy. In order to progress through the densities or stairway of light as it is sometimes called, one’s mind/body/spirit complex must be balanced enough to handle the intensity of light. That balance can be achieved either by the service to others or service to self path.

However, as Ra says once you reach the sixth density the two paths merge when there is a recognition that to serve the self is to serve the all and to serve the all is to serve the self. This is the realization of nonduality. But first one must polarize their consciousness. Too often we want to skip this essential step, and instead end up in the sinkhole of indifference.

The polarization of consciousness is the polarization of ones light body. It is the accumulation of charge to do spiritual work. That charge is accumulated through will and faith on the service to self or service to others path.

As one persists on one or the other of these paths the universe gives you more and more opportunities to continue your polarization. As your charge grows you attract more and more of the opportunities you need to continue your growth much like a magnet. The positive entity attracts more opportunities to learn the lessons of unconditional love. The negative entity attracts more opportunities to learn the lessons of service to self. The universe is a mirror for our consciousness.

Those who do not utilize the catalyst they receive to learn their lessons and polarize their consciousness receive fewer opportunities to polarize their consciousness. You are not given more than you can handle or will use.

So when you receive an opportunity to expand your consciousness and your heart say “Yes!” Consent to grace. Consent to your own transformation. This is the lightening path to god. The more you say YES the more opportunities you will be given to grow even more. As we have said before, when you take one step toward god, god takes nine steps toward you. Every yes no matter how small polarizes your consciousness and invites more opportunities into your life for positive growth.