In this June New Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the June new moon and the June 10th solar eclipse. Stress is going to be at an all-time high around this solar eclipse and new moon. Job, family, and home life may all be experiencing intensity. This solar eclipse is like a hard reset. You may feel like a computer overheating, juddering to a stop, then rebooting with a clean slate from a higher perspective.

You may be busier than ever around this new moon. A one-person band with way too many balls in the air. It is at these times when we think we can’t possibly take on one more thing that the universe intervenes and slows us down with sickness or the unexpected. Don’t fight the involuntary slow down if/when it comes, think of it as a needed rest and reset.

As you move feverishly from one thing to the other, try to remain totally present. When you are too burdened with worries about the past or anxiety about the future, you are useless in the present moment. Totally commit to what you are doing in the present moment, and work through that to do list one item at a time.

The lightning bolt of change may strike around this new moon solar eclipse. Sudden movement or change may occur. As we said in our June Energy Update, ride the bolt of lightning and don’t be burnt by it. When sudden change strikes flexibility is key.

If you are feeling confused and overwhelmed make time to slow down before the universe slows you down. The clarity you seek will be found in your inner stillness. We access our inner intuition through the gateway of our calm exterior mind. When we are distracted and our mind is full of thoughts, we are unable to hear our inner wisdom.

When the lightning bolt of change strikes silence and slowing down will give you the space you need to see past the obvious. Through the silence you will be able to perceive the deeper lessons and bigger picture. You will notice that whatever is present in your life is moving you towards something better.

We are moving towards actualizing the new vision for our lives. But the stress of birth precedes the delivery. Endings precede beginnings. This is the nature of things. Don’t fight the stress of birthing something new. Don’t resist the endings when they come. Welcome the new beginnings when they arrive.

The final pieces are falling into place. This is the judder before the restart. You are being upgraded. You’ll restart from a higher perspective. But don’t get too comfortable, there is more to come.