In this June Full Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the June full moon. We had a big energetic shift with the summer solstice and it is now time to either whimper or roar. Summer solstice was like the moment at the time of the big bang, when things shifted from pure potential to manifest reality. The timelines have been empowered, and its time to ride the waves of destiny.

We are now firmly in the midst of the season of change and growth. How you meet this moment will depend on your alignment. Some may find themselves depressed and despondent at this time of birth and creation. Others may feel like a lion roaring on the savannah, full of optimism, power, and energy. Others still may be like children innocently and joyfully enjoying the game of life.

When there is a lack of alignment between our solar plexus and sacral chakra, there is a lack of alignment between our desires and our will. When desire and will are not aligned, we are more likely to whimper than roar. Many of us have lost touch with our authentic desires. We operate on social conditioning and the stories in our head, but we don’t really know what we want deep down in our gut.

When that happens we lose connection with the source of life and power. In order to roar, will and desire must be integrated and in alignment. We must listen deeply to our desires, then use the will to manifest them. When will and desire further align with the heart, we become an unstoppable force.

Listen keenly to your inner guidance. Many of us don’t trust that still quite voice inside of us, because our head is so full of thoughts. Practice getting quite. Learn to identify with the witness and not the thoughts in your head. From the perspective of the witness tune in to your authentic desires in the present moment. Don’t let the voice in your head talk you out of them.

Many of us are fed up with willing ourselves through life. When will and desire are not aligned, life becomes one long marathon. The struggle never seems to end, and it feels like it takes ever more energy just to maintain the status quo. Eventually things fall apart when we are just willing ourselves through life, without love or desire. When it does, will you cling or let it go with a smile?

Sometimes we have to breakdown to breakthrough. Sometimes we have to whimper before we find our roar. The answers are all inside of you. You just have to get quite enough to hear them. This is the season of action. This is the season of change. This is a time of growth.

Align with destiny. Connect with your heart and desires and align them with your will. Its time to whimper or roar. I know there is a lion inside you.

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