This June full moon energy update looks at the energies of the full moon lunar eclipse for June 5, 2020. Full moon lunar eclipses are about the ending of cycles both big and small. This full moon has several themes that relate to us collectively hitting rock bottom. The arrogance, haughtiness and impotence of those in power is undeniable and on full display. We see those places in our lives where there has been false love. We see the weakness, pettiness, and blindness of those in power. We see their love of money and nothing else, and we find ourselves stepping into the unknown of what it is to replace it.

We are in hard times and a lot of people are worried. Yet there is a growing recognition of our power. People who have been oppressed and mistreated for generations are rising up to recognize their power and trying to decide what to do with that power. Those who are recognizing their power are supported with the energy of the dragon at this time. As they recognize untapped power and energy within themselves.

June is a month of action for many people. For others there is a feeling of exhaustion and a need to retreat. To evaluate and review the last few mohs. They are needing to ground into their bodies and gain strength and replenish themselves. Those embodying the fire energy are purifying through the destructive force of fire. Those feeling the need for retreat are withdrawing to replenish themselves to help rebuild for what comes after.

This June moon marks the end of a cycle of disempowerment for many people. It marks the end of settling for false love that knows nothing of sacrifice. It is the end of consenting to the rule of unaccountable power. It is the recognition that those who so arrogantly wield power are human beings, not gods, and their evil comes from a place of weakness and pettiness.

The June full moon marks the end of many big cycles. But it is also the beginning of something new. As we pass through this full moon lunar eclipse we are passing into the unknown. We are passing into the void. What will our new cycles be? Will we simply repeat the sings of the past? Will this awakened power be used in service to life or in service to self?

These are questions that are lingering with this full moon lunar eclipse. But there is no going back. The genie is out of the bottle. Once awakened this power will not go back to sleep. It will not settle for the world as it has been. The impotence and corruption of the powerful is too plane. Their malice too great. Their pettiness too low.