In this June Energy Update 2021 we discuss the energetic themes for the month of June. June is going to be a month of completion and choice. We said May was going to be the flowering of the new vision for our lives, and for many of us that meant the people, resources, and energy for the next version our lives started physically manifesting. However, May was really about the foundation for the new vision coming into our physical reality. In contrast, June is much more a month of blossoming and completion. For many June will be a culminating month and time of harvesting the fruits of hard work well done from previous months, years, or even decades

Change is coming at us like a lightning strike in June. Lightening isn’t gentle, it is intense. But its intensity is what makes it deeply transformational. When change rips through your life like lightening you may feel tempted to try an control it. You may go into a place of fear. You may feel tempted to cling onto the past.

Don’t try to control lightning when it strikes. There is a time and a place for control. This isn’t one of them. Don’t allow yourself to become rigid and inflexible. In order to ride the lightning and not get burnt, you need to be flexible. You have to be willing to go where it goes. Flow with the abrupt change as it comes into your life.

Let go of the stories and judgments about how and where the lightning should strike. Nobody can ride lightning. Be nobody.

You’ll only but disturbed to the extent you are identified with illusion. Physical reality is in a constant state of change. Remain centered on what is real, which is that aspect of your awareness which simply witnesses – that aspect of self which is unmodified by exterior change. When riding lightning remain anchored inside, in the stillness and spaciousness of your own witnessing awareness.

Many of you are stepping into your spiritual maturity and mastery right now. Eventually all seekers become finders. When the seeker becomes a finder, the law of responsibility asks that we also become sharers.

When spirit opens a door to expand your capacity to serve others walk through it. This is spiritual springtime. It is a time of regeneration and rebirth.

We are still in a time of endings and beginnings. Old cycles that have governed our physical reality are coming to an end. New cycles are just starting.

For those of us stepping into our spiritual maturity the last piece of the puzzle is coming into place. We are at a point of completion. Lightning is about to strike, ending the old game and beginning another.

Yet the element of choice always remains. We still must choose our transformation and growth. We still much choose to let go of the old and embrace the new. God will open the door, but we must choose to walk through it.

There are many good things about the past that we may nostalgically cherish and reflect upon. But don’t cling to lessons already learned. Don’t hold onto old identities you have outgrown.

The old will give you an opportunity to double down on the past jut as the new invites you towards change and transformation.

Its ultimately up to you to choose which you prefer. We all get exactly what we need, not matter our choice. Whenever we walk a path of spiritual service, there is always a testing of our faith. The outward success of our deeds and offerings is not assured. But the inner success comes when we simply consent to serve.