In this June Ascension Energy & Ascension Symptoms 2021 video we discuss the ascension energies for June. When I connected with intuitive guidance for the ascension energies this month the top of my solar plexus lit up, with the energy moving through the choice point at the diaphragm, up to the heart, high heart, throat chakra, and finally to start consciousness. The energy for this month is all about choice, embodiment, and aligning to the highest version of ourselves.

The movement from the solar plexus to the heart chakra requires us to make a choice. We must choose to love over and over again, and choose not to go into judgment, fear, and separation. Love is a choice. We choose to surrender to love. Once we choose love and surrender to giving and receiving it, we are then asked to embody love in mind, body and soul. It is this recognition of truth an aligning with truth that allows love to return to its source at star consciousness, enabling us to experience the ever new bliss of god communion.

June is a very upper chakra month, mixed with physical intensity. This may cause you to feel overstimulated. You may feel raw, and your third density life may feel like sandpaper on your soul. You will get a lot of clarity this month. You will see in stark contrast the difference between the highest version of you and your current life.

You are being shown the direction you need to be moving in, but resist taking drastic unskillful actions. While your destination may be clear and the present moment unsustainable and even intolerable at times, we should still strive to honor our karma. Move swiftly but gracefully and honorably towards the new vision. Tie up the loose ends of the old life with integrity. Otherwise, the new vision will be poisoned by the seeds of new karma created by the unskillful transition from the past.

If you feel hopeless, tired, and world weary, give it to god. Surrender it all to divine plan for your life. Allow yourself to receive god’s love and beatitude.

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