The month of June will be the beginning of the return to relative “normal.” Businesses will be re-opening and people will begin the process of returning to old familiar routines. It will be a month marked by an outward movement toward activity. It will be a time characterize by a movement toward harmony and productivity for many.

We have a full moon lunar eclipse on June 5th and a new moon solar eclipse on June 21st. These two eclipses mark a wrapping up of big picture themes and cycles on the 5th with the full moon lunar eclipse and choices and new beginnings with the new moon solar eclipse on June 21st. June will be all about endings, choices and new beginnings. Will you renew your commitments to 3rd density or will you choose higher dimensional consciousness and loving?

The return to normal holds within it a dark kernel for those recommitting to the third dimension. The dimensional split that has been accelerating since March due to the duality energy on the planet will continue as people begin leaving the energetic bubbles of their homes to return to “normal” life. People will be emerging into two very different types of reality.

Those who have been in the hell spectrum of experience for the last three months are eager for a return to “normalcy.” They desperately want to get back to the way things were, and June will be characterized by this almost feverish effort to return to normal. These people are renewing their commitment to 3rd density and June will the outward manifestation of that commitment.

Those who have been on the heaven spectrum of experience for the last three months are returning to “normal” with fresh eyes and are ready to make changes in their life that better align with their soul purpose and mission. Those who have been on the heaven spectrum of experience are returning to “normal” intent on changing it for the better. For those who fall in this category June is a time of committing to the more beautiful world their hearts know is possible and letting go of old commitments and energies that no longer serve them.

For the most part the lessons of March, April, and May have not been learned by the collective. Debate has raged about the wrong things. Few people have stopped to reconsider their priorities and whether normal is something worth getting back to.

Some people have undergone tremendous and profound transformation over the last three months, and June will be the outward movement, manifestation and call to action to outwardly express those transformations. This is a time for the birth of new identities, an evolutionary leap into a life more aligned with truth and their soul’s purpose.

This is the silver lining for the month of June which seems likely to extend through the months of July and August. June, July, and August share a common theme. They will mark a time of a return to the “new normal.” June will be the exuberant bursting forth into this brave new world. July will mark a return to a more temperate and balanced recalibration to the new normal. While August will be a time of reflection an introspection as people take stock in the contrast between the beginning of the year and the summer.

Comparisons will be drawn and the experiences will start to be digested and sink into the deep mind. However, this time of reflection and return to a relative sense of safety has a sword hanging over it, that will fall in September. September will see sudden change that will cast the relative stability of the last few months upside down. This “September surprise” will shape the energy for the remainder of the year.

Humanity has had an opportunity over the last three months to re-evaluate and re-shape the foundations of its civilization. It has had an opportunity to learn to live less busy lives full of things it does not need, and to refocus its energy on the evolution of its consciousness and the quality of its most intimate relationships. There have been individual successes but the collective on average has not experienced a significant positive shift, so the lesson will return and intensify in September, catalyzing additional opportunities for growth and evolution.

Those who have used the last three months to deepen their connection with spirit and to identify and embody the truth of their being will be richly rewarded in the upcoming months. All the internal work they have done over the last three months will start to physically manifest in ways that will give them an opportunity to bring their life into more alignment with their souls.

Those of you who have used this time wisely will be beacons of light over the upcoming months that will shine in the darkness experienced by others. You are being called be to leaders and way showers to those people in your lives and families who are struggling. You are being asked to embody your truth and shine your light and be an energetic leader during this time.

The collective’s addiction to materialism and consumption will continue to drive the planet into escalating chaotic nodes of experience. Those of you who have awakened are being called to be the light in the darkness and to combat the darkness by embodying your own light. Continue to focus on the evolution of your soul and the embodiment of your highest truths. Do not allow yourself to be consumed by the chaos, fear, and anger of the 3D planetary thought body.

The darkness is not defeated through confrontation. To confront the darkness with the consciousness of violence is to descend into the mire of duality. The darkness is defeated when you step more fully into your embodiment of the light within you. Be more loving. Be kind for no reason. Be generous with your love. Be prudent with your time and energy. Feed the light within yourself and starve the darkness.