In this July new moon energy update we look at the energetic themes of the July 20th new moon. In our July full moon energy update we said that July was going to be a karmic bomb where we would be going through the eye of the needle and experiencing death and rebirth. This new moon also has upheaval and change energy tied to it, through what I am calling the sword of truth.

However, up to this point the changes have been occurring as a result of conscious choices made from a place of greater illumination. During this new moon the conscious mind is more cloaked. The change energy coming in is now more in the form of unforeseen changes in circumstances. Those changed circumstances may relate to illness, job loss, financial trouble, and rejection.

A lot of you are probably feeling anxiety and worry right now. Your mind keeps drifting to unresolved things in your life that have an element of uncertainty to them.  When you find your mind drifting toward anxious thoughts bring your attention back to your breath and the present moment. You are safe in this present moment.

What is true in this present moment? Your worries are born of imagination and speculation. Bring your attention back to the present moment. What is true right here and now? What is false? Let your falsehoods and illusions go.

We are in the midst of change, and we can meet that change with grace or resistance. What are you clinging to? What puts tension in your body? What makes your stomach feel clinched? Bring your attention to those things and start consciously releasing your tension around them.

It is time to release those things that no longer serve you. Many of us are clinging to mindsets, behaviors, addictions, and relationships that we know are not a part of the next phase of our life. But we keep clinging and trying to make it fit because we are clinging to our attachments to the past. We are trying to bring the past into the future and we can’t. No amount of self-deception and self-delusion will change that.

For everything there is a season. Nothing is forever save change. Let go of that which no longer serves you.

As a warrior of light you have the power to wield the sword of light. Its cutting edge is the truth. Truth will cut through the delusions and illusions you have imprisoned yourself with. Truth will bring justice and balance to your karmic relationships. Imagine those things, situations and relationships you know are out of balance and no longer serve you. Wield your sword of light to cut the karmic cords. Pray that truth and justice will prevail and that the binding cords of illusion and injustice will be severed.

Your job is to be a beacon of light to a world that is in chaos and shrouded in darkness. You cannot be that beacon of light as long as you yourself are lost in the darkness of your own delusions. Those who have passed away are with us now, offering their support from the other side of the veil. Many of you will be receiving messages in dreams and signs from your deceased loved ones. They are reminding you that love is forever. Those who pass out of your life never leave us in the ways that matter. Do not cling to forms and situations that no longer serve you, that have had their season, and now need to pass away.

Death is not loss, it is transition. Death is transformation. Physical death, the death of relationships, the death of physical circumstances. They are not to be feared. They are not to be avoided. They are to be accepted with grace, navigated with love, and borne with truth. The caterpillar must dissolve before it is reborn as a butterfly. Do not fight your dissolution. Do not fight the dissolution of your life and relationships that no longer serve you. Consent to your own transformation. Be reborn as the butterfly you are destined to be.