In this July New Moon Energy Update 2021 we discuss the July 9th new moon energetic themes. The energy of July continues to be that of creation and destruction walking hand in hand. For many of us there has probably been more destruction than creation. But the good news is destruction is merely another word for transformation. Shiva is stomping his feet to shake up our lives and to shake loose that which is not in alignment and does not serve us. Sometimes things get shaky because they need to fall apart.

When things get shaky we have to decide how much time and energy we are willing to invest to keep them together. When it comes to things that aren’t in alignment we often have to ask ourselves if we are willing to double down on things that never made us happy anyway.

Each of us has an inner politician and an inner rebel. The inner politician has many masks and cares a lot about what other people think. The inner politician is our judging mind that causes us to comform ourselves to other people’s expectations. This aspect of our being manipulates to get its way and is very disconnected from its own authentic soul based desires.

On the other hand our inner rebel knows the truth and doesn’t give a damn about what other people think. The inner rebel is our raw authenticity. This aspect of ourselves is our most authentic truth, unqualified by our conditioning and worries about what other people might think. The inner rebel calls us towards transformation and seeks to break the chains of our inner politician.

Will you heed the call of the inner rebel or the politician? When we consent to transformation and the rebel’s calls, we make ourselves available to the new vision. To live a life in fear of what other people might think is to live a life of bland mediocrity.

Society rewards us for abandoning ourselves, our truth and our soul desires in favor of the safe status quo. In order to thrive we have to be willing to let go of all that. Because thriving means alignment between our soul desires, will, and life circumstances. Only you know what that looks like and who spirit is calling you to be.

Continue to cultivate your witnessing awareness. Allow the fire of your discernment and pure  consciousness to burn away the delusion and illusion that no longer serves you. When things get shaky thy are calling us towards some level of transformation and nonattachment. We disconnect from people, places, and things on many subtle levels before they physically exit our reality.

Navigating transformation while remaining conscious is key. When you do that you will be able to discern what and who spirit is calling you to be. Once your core vibration rises high enough, you become repellant to the old and magnetized to the new, and the next step becomes clear.

The times of transformation through destruction are leading us towards creation. This is the sorting hat, our state of consciousness and the love in our hearts determines our house. The new vision and new lesson plan are just on the horizon.